Cloud hosting in a European business cloud

Are you looking for secure cloud hosting in Europe? We've got you covered. Whether you are considering switching from your own server infrastructure to the Dutch cloud or if you are looking for a new cloud hosting provider. 

Configure VPS

Cloud hosting

Our cloud hosting is warranted through the awarded certifications and the fact that all levels of our systems are equipped fully redundant.

We offer our cloud hosting services from European datacenters in both Amsterdam and Haarlem. We do this consciously as we want our customers’ data protected by European laws.


Fast and scalable

Our virtual private servers (VPS) can be customized to the exact specifications you need. In just a couple of clicks you are ready to go, whether you use it for business or private purposes.

Upgrading and downgrading is just as easy and can be done at any time through the Tilaa dashboard. You can easily increase your storage space if necessary.

This differentiates Tilaa from other cloud hosting providers. You are completely in control in our European cloud. All our solutions and services are built on these principles.


Take your VPS to the next level

Are you looking for even greater availability of our services? Than you can count on our additional cloud hosting services:

  • High Available NFS Share
    For safe central storage and sharing files between multiple servers. We ensure 99.99% availability of your NFS Share.

  • Failover IP addresses
    With a failover IP address you can switch your service to a standby server in case the primary server fails. With failover IP you can also switch between different datacenters.

  • Backups
    Offsite backup offers the best protection against datacenter calamities. Every four hours we create a backup we can restore quickly and easily if necessary.

Cloud hosting in the European Union (EU)

As Dutch cloud hosting provider we believe it important that the datacenters hosting our virtual private servers are located in Europe. Why? Because we want to ensure all data hosted on our platform is protected by the Data Protection Directive of the EU. For this reason our datacenters are located in the Netherlands.

The Data Protection Directive regulates processing of personal information and is an important part of EU privacy and human rights legislation. The US Freedom Act (formerly known as Patriot Act) does not apply to your data in the Tilaa cloud. That should give you some peace of mind.


Our cloud network

The Tilaa network (AS196752) has fast and redundant connections to all networks and is directly connected to one of the largest internet exchanges in the world (AMS-IX). Tilaa uses multiple TIER-1 network suppliers.



Green hosting

Tilaa can help you achieve your CSR targets.
How? We are happy to explain.

Not only is a VPS more energy efficient compared to a dedicated server, but on top of that our datacenters are CO2 neutral and operate on 100% renewable energy. Our datacenters are ISO 14001 certified and therefore they continuously innovate on their energy saving levels.


Cloud hosting solution

Tilaa supports all common operating systems (Windows, BSD and Linux). We also provide control panel software (DirectAdmin or cPanel) for easy management of webhosting accounts.

Do you prefer to use ready-to-use VPS solutions? Tilaa supports the most commonly used open source appliances by Turnkey, which you can start using right away. Besides that we offer pfSense, that enables you to deploy a firewall.


Our software options



As a Tilaa customer you can deploy and manage virtual private servers 24 hours a day without intervention from Tilaa. We have automated most of our processes to offer you the best quality.

If you have any questions or if you are struggling, our support desk is there for you. They are can to assist you by phone, email, via our social media channels or our support webpage. Our support desk is staffed with technical engineers who are extremely knowledgeable and real hosting experts. They can also offer extra support on operating systems and basic software levels. You can use our Managed Server Pack in case you want that extra support on a regular basis.



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