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Expand your VPS with more functionalities! Discover the benefits of Managed Back-up, Managed VPS or Smart Hands.

Managed Back-up

No worries about the back-up of your VPS? Choose Managed Back-up.

Tilaa runs a back-up of your VPS every 4 hours, aggregated into daily and weekly back-ups and a monthly backup. So, 1 month of data will be safely stored on another location in one of our datacenters. We also ensure fast restore of the back-up whenever you need it.

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High Available NFS share

For safe central storage and the ability to share files between multiple servers, we have High Available NFS Share. This will eliminate the complexity of decentralised storage, as you can store your data in a central location.

Our NFS clusters offer reliable and very fast central storage based on SSD. Tilaa guarantees 99.99% availability of your NFS Share.

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Happy to help

Do you have a challenge that you find difficult to solve by yourself? Perhaps Tilaa can be of assistance to you.

For example, we can assist you with configuring your load balancers or setting up your database cluster. Whatever your question is, feel free to contact us for the possibilities!

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24/7 software SLA

Do you have an application that should always be available? Tilaa can monitor your infrastructure 24 hours a day and respond to unexpected glitches.

You will also have access to 24 hour support by phone in case of software problems. A 24/7 software SLA can only be provided on a fully redundant infrastructure, validated and managed by Tilaa. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

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Failover IP address

An essential part of any cluster. A floating IP address allows you to achieve higher availability: a back-up server can take over the IP address in case the primary server fails (failover).

The standard floating IP address allows you to do a failover within the same network and protect your application or service against downtime of a single server due to hardware failures or planned maintenance.

A 'global' floating IP address allows you to do a failover between our datacenters and offers additional protection against downtime of an entire datacenter. We provide a dedicated network for this purpose, separated from our standard network.

You can order a failover IP address from the network page of your server in the Tilaa dashboard.



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