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We offer high quality and stability to all our Cloud products. Tilaa is known by customers as a qualitative Cloud Partner. That's why you will experience the best uptime and performance possible.

Versatility of your VPS

With Tilaa Cloud VPS you have full access and control. You can build what you want and need. And Cloud VPS is easily combined with other Cloud solutions.


The price and performance is fully flexible. Choose the amount of vCPU, disk space, and memory that fits your workload and only pay for what you need. 

Easy to combine

You can easily use your Cloud VPS in combination with other Cloud solutions like: Cloud Database, NFS Share or Big Disk.

Cloud VPS

Tilaa allows you to do whatever you want with your Cloud VPS. You can, for example, build your Cloud VPS yourself, or choose one or our special Cloud Packages. At any time, you can scale up and down indefinitely. In addition, we supply all Microsoft licenses and, if desired, Managed Backup.

Do you want to know more? See our prices and check out all available options and costs.

Fully in control

Tilaa Cloud VPS server supports all popular operating systems, control panels, and applications for a completely customized setup. Every Cloud VPS server is pre-installed and ready to use.

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Choice of Direct Admin and cPanel

OS Install

Pick your favorite operating system.


16 different software applications available

Metadata service

With Tilaa's metadata service you are free to deploy a server with a template of your choice. For example, link a metadata profile to one or more servers to create user accounts, install packages, or to run custom scripts.

Metadata service Tilaa

Next level 
Cloud Dashboard

The Tilaa Cloud Dashboard is a fully automated manager of your cloud infrastructure. It puts you in complete control of your Cloud VPS, networking and storage, without the help of support.

Create and manage, customize your account or get insights into real-time statistics of all resources.

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Tilaa dashboard

Conscious and sustainable cloud

Tilaa only uses CO2-neutral data centers that run on green energy. This is good for us, for our users and better for our environment. Furthermore, by doing so, we assist other businesses in meeting the agreed-upon CSR objectives.

ISO 14001 certification has been obtained for our data centers. This means that they must constantly innovate in the field of energy conservation. Currently, the achieved PUE ratio is less than 1.2. This is the lowest possible price in the current market.

Sustainable Cloud

Looking for a powerful solution for your cloud infrastructure? Then go for a Cloud Package and receive a 6-month discount. Or go for a custom set-up via our configurator.

Unsatisfied? Cancel your Cloud VPS free of charge within 14 days.

Technical Specifications​​

checks-50 vCPU: 1-24 cores based on Intel technology​

checks-50 Memory: 1GB - 192GB â€‹
checks-50 SSD Storage: 60GB - 1280 GB (Enterprise SSD)* â€‹
checks-50 Network Interface: 1GB â€‹
checks-50 Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses â€‹
checks-50 Possibility to create a Virtual Network 
checks-50 KVM virtualization â€‹
checks-50 Standard Windows & Linux OS â€‹
checks-50 Preinstalled software appliances â€‹
checks-50 Preinstalled control panels (cPanel, DirectAdmin) 

*Our storage is Local storage on enterprise SSD in RAID10 which can handle up to 100K IOPS​


checks-50 Metadata service Amazon EC2 compatible â€‹
checks-50 Video display to access your console â€‹
checks-50 Programmatic management via Tilaa API
checks-50 Hosted in the Netherlands, EU privacy law applies​
checks-50 For networks specs see our network page

Free extra services​

checks-50 DDoS protection layer 4 Volumatic​​
checks-50 Secured ISO & PCI standards​
checks-50 User friendly dashboard​
checks-50 First Snapshot for free​
checks-50 Reverse DNS​
checks-50 Egress traffic via fair-use policy with no additional monthly costs

Paid extra services​

plus_icon Managed back-up​
plus_icon High available NFS Share​
plus_icon Block Storage
plus_icon Multiple Snapshots​
plus_icon Floating IP addresses​


Frequently asked questions

What is a Cloud VPS?

VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is linked to a (heavy) physical server, which is typically housed in a data center. That server is loaded with CPU power, memory, and SSD hard drives. A physical server can be linked to multiple virtual servers.

You can configure a VPS entirely to your liking. This means you get to pick which Operating System (OS), control panels, and applications to install. Furthermore, with a VPS, you can create your own private network.


What are the benefits of a Cloud VPS?

With a Cloud VPS you are always in control. You can, for example, specify the size of your package in terms of storage, memory, and options. A Cloud VPS is also less expensive than dedicated hosting because you share the server with others.

A Tilaa Cloud VPS is scalable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you need additional resources? Then, with the advanced Cloud Dashboard, you can easily scale up your Cloud VPS.

Finally, with a Cloud VPS, you are free of third-party interference. You decide what you want and do with it, and have your own IP address.

How much does a Cloud VPS cost?

The price of a Cloud VPS can differ from one another. In almost all cases, you will save money over a dedicated server.

The cost of a Cloud VPS is determined by the number of resources selected. Do you require a large amount of CPU, performance, and storage? The cost is slightly higher than if you choose a smaller package with fewer resources.

Tilaa lets you choose how much you want to pay for your cloud VPS. Using our configurator, you can specify what you require and your preferences. After payment, you can immediately begin using your Cloud VPS. And do you suddenly need additional resources? Then you can scale up and down at any time.

What is Block Storage best for?

Block storage, or also known as block-level storage, is a technology that is used to store data files on storage area networks (SANs) or cloud-based storage environments. Businesses favor Block Storage for computing situations where they require flexible, high quality and reliable data transportation that is easy to use for both Linux and Windows.

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