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Cloud Portal 

Simplify your database management and take control of your workflow with the new user-friendly Cloud Portal from Tilaa.

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100% in control

From implementation to statistics, with the Cloud Portal, you can manage everything without the help of our helpdesk.

Personal dashboard

Increase or decrease the size of your server, fully automated and without losing your data.

Financial management

Select your desired billing period and payment term. Tilaa supports all standard payment methods.

About Cloud Portal

Nowadays, everyone wants to work more efficiently and be able to manage more things on their own.

The Cloud Portal is a straightforward platform that helps to set up your cloud database by simplifying the process, centralizing and streamlining the management and control of the database.

The new Cloud Portal perfectly aligns with Tilaa's mission to make the cloud easy and accessible again - as it was meant to be.

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of the API

We keep it simple! Simple, clear, and user-friendly. With the Cloud Portal, new APIs are available to activate our services automatically.

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The future

At Tilaa, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. That's all our products will be fully migrated to the Cloud Portal in a later phase.

As we continue our journey, you can look forward to benefits such as:

  • Purchasing and managing your Serverless Containers.
  • Real-time financial statistics.
  • The ability to add multi-tenant features to your account.
  • Monitoring, purchasing, and scaling products in one clear and convenient overview.

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