What is VPS hosting?

So, you are thinking about hosting or buying a VPS. But, is a VPS also right for you? This page will help you with everything you want to know about virtual infrastructure.

What does VPS stand for?

First of all, VPS means Virtual Private Server. The server is an external computer that stores all important data for example of a website. Virtual stands for the virtualization technology which is used for VPS. With this technology, a server is so powerful, that it can have several separate servers on it. Then, last but not least, private means that it’s just your server. You’re not sharing RAM of CPU with others like you do with - for example - shared hosting.


Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most common way of hosting. It’s easy and uncomplicated to use if you host a ‘simple’ website. With shared hosting, you share important resources such as CPU and RAM with others. So, to make it even easier: there is 1 big server and several people ‘rent’ a part of the server.




  proLow costs con  Other websites can affect your website’s performance
pro  Easy and simple  
Shared hosting

Dedicated hosting

With dedicated hosting, you get it all: a server dedicated to you. However, this is way more expensive than shared hosting is. But on the other side: you are in charge of all resources and you can customize everything in a way you prefer. For example: you can install your own operating system and can handle thousands of transactions per day.




pro  Not sharing any resources con  Expensive
pro  Fully customisable con  Knowledge is needed
Dedicated hosting

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This means that other websites will be on the same server, but your website will be the only domain allocated to your virtual compartment. With this type of hosting you still get dedicated storage, can use your own operating system and can enjoy powerful CPU, RAM and unlimited traffic (based on fair use policy most of the time).




pro  Cheaper than dedicated hosting con  Shared hosting is cheaper
pro  Fully customizable con  Knowledge is needed
VPS hosting

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VPS hosting with Tilaa

Tilaa is a Dutch cloud provider. Enterprises and entrepreneurs worldwide depend on Tilaa. Our infrastructure is automated, hyper-secure & your go to if you want your business to accelerate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my VPS for the first time?
After you order a Tilaa server, you will be asked to submit your payment. After this has been received, your server will be released. Your server will show the status ‘not installed yet‘. You then click the ‘Install’ button to install your server.
Why would I choose Tilaa?

Tilaa is a Dutch cloud provider, preferred by IT engineers since 2008. We guarantee maximum uptime, supreme speed, high reliability and premium security. And we like to combine this with human, personal contact.

Businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide depend on Tilaa. Our infrastructure is automated, hyper-secure & your go to if you want your business to accelerate.

Want to know more about Tilaa? Make sure to check out our story

How can I get in contact with Tilaa support?

At Tilaa we aim to offer you the best service and quality. Our expert support team is fully at your disposal or get an instant answer from our Knowledge Base.

Can't find your answer in the Knowledge Base? Drop us an email with your question. We'll respond ASAP. Or call us (🇳🇱) at +31 85 210 0500.

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