Reliable, fast and easy to setup VPS

A Tilaa VPS is reliable, fast and can be easily tailored to fit your needs. Order with a few clicks and your server is instantly ready for use. Enjoy full freedom to set up and manage your VPS.

Not sure how much capacity you need? Our recommendation is to start small. You can always add additional capacity at a later stage. We have selected a number of example configurations.

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Advantages of a Tilaa VPS

Your VPS instantly available - Tilaa

Your VPS instantly available

Data in a certified cloud - Tilaa

Certified cloud

Top class network - Tilaa

First class network

Unlimited traffic - Tilaa

A VPS with unlimited traffic

Simple dashboard - Tilaa

Simple dashboard

24/7 SLA included - Tilaa

24/7 SLA included

Managed server - Tilaa

Managed server

Quick support - Tilaa

Quick support

You choose your own software

Tilaa offers support for all common operating systems. Your server is delivered set-up. During the configuration you choose from one of the supporting open source appliances. That way you can get started quickly.

Look at the software


Choose from 16 different software applications

Basis Install

Choose from direct Admin and cPanel


Keuze uit 16 verschillende software applicaties

Metadata service

Would you like to deploy a VPS fully automated with a custom template? Define a metadata profile to one or more servers to create user accounts, install packages or to run custom scripts, for example. Our metadata API is Amazon EC2 compatible.

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98% of our customers would recommend a Tilaa VPS.

Payment options at Tilaa

Tilaa supports most common payment methods, such as iDEAL, credit cards, PayPal, Sofort banking, Giropay and Bancontact/Mister Cash. When ordering a server you can choose your preferred payment method and select your preferred billing period.

If you don't want to worry about payments you can provide us with a recurring payment authorization. And if you change your mind, changing payment methods or aborting a payment authorization is just as easy.


Manage your servers with our dashboard

Tilaa has implemented an extensive and transparent dashboard so you can manage everything yourself for your VPS, without requiring any assistance. You can manage user accounts, create, modify and cancel servers and view real-time server statistics.

More information about the Tilaa Dashboard

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VPS pricing

Using our VPS configurator, you can tailor a server to the exact specifications you need, no more, no less and get instant pricing information.

You can add or remove capacity at any time. Tilaa can also provide licenses for Microsoft and Citrix software and take care of Managed Back-up, for example. You can find information about all services and their respective costs in our pricing sheet.

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Green cloud hosting

Tilaa helps you to achieve your CSR targets. Tilaa only uses datacenters which are CO2 neutral and run on 100% renewable energy.

Our datacenters are ISO 14001 certified which requires them to continuously innovate at the energy saving level. The achieved PUE ratio is currently below 1.2, which is the lowest available in the market today.

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VPS hosting packages

A Tilaa VPS can be fully tailored to fit your needs using our VPS configurator, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine how much capacity you really need. To give you an impression we have selected a couple of example configurations.


VPS basics
Monthly price
Small package
Memory 1 GB
CPU 1x2.4Ghz @ 80%
Storage 20 GB
Disk-type HDD
€6.00per monthex. VAT
Midsize package
Memory 8 GB
CPU 4x2.4Ghz @ 80%
Storage 80 GB
Disk-type HDD
€44.00per monthex. VAT
Large package
Memory 16 GB
CPU 8x2.4Ghz @ 100%
Storage 120 GB
Disk-type SSD
€114.80per monthex. VAT

Brands in our cloud

Tilaa - brands in our cloud - oilily Tilaa - brands in our cloud - slateTilaa - brands in our cloud - appsignalTilaa - brands in our cloud - esa
Tilaa - brands in our cloud - philipsTilaa - brands in our cloud - neverblandTilaa - brands in our cloud - 1procentclubTilaa - brands in our cloud - buyways
Tilaa - brands in our cloud - nluugTilaa - brands in our cloud - votdTilaa - brands in our cloud - wageningenTilaa - brands in our cloud - sofort

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