Stable and safe VPS servers

We care about stability and safety. That is why we have undergone relevant certification processes to safeguard the data. Our infrastructure is located entirely within the borders of the European Union.

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We constantly strive to meet our customers' expectations in product quality and service. Tilaa is therefore certified on multiple ISO standards. We follow ISO certified procedures when it comes to quality assurance to provide our customers with the best service. 

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified

Your data is important and should never be up for grabs. To safeguard against this, Tilaa has acquired the ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 specifies standards for the implementation of security measures and audit mechanisms.


PCI DSS 3.2 Certified

The infrastructure provided by Tilaa can be used as a foundation for a credit card processing platform. Even when you use the Tilaa platform for different purposes, this standard ensures a high level of security. A perfect addition to ISO 27001.

ISO/IEC 9001:2015 Certified

Tilaa is working continuously to improve customer satisfaction levels. With the ISO 9001 certification we have secured this process firmly in our organisation and with some great results: 98% of our customers would recommend Tilaa to others.

NEN 7510:2017 + A1:2020 Certified

NEN 7510 is a standard developed by the Dutch Standardisation Institute and is an extension of the ISO 27001 standard (Information Security). It has been developed for the health care industry with specific attention to privacy protection. With this accreditation, the Tilaa cloud has proven to be suitable for storing medical data.

ISAE 3402 Type I Certified

The ISAE 3402 standard is specifically aimed at outsourcing processes from companies to service providers and can also be seen as an extension of the ISO 27001 accreditation. With these certifications Tilaa offers assurance towards customers that, as a service provider, the internal company processes are in order. By acquiring Type 1 we have proven a third-party auditor the control measures have been properly established. Available on request.

No Patriot Act

All Tilaa infrastructure is located within the borders of the European Union (EU).

All data hosted on our platform is protected by the Data Protection Directive of the EU, which regulates the processing of personal data. It is an important component of EU privacy and human rights law.

Top class network

In our opinion every network should be fully redundant. By adding at least one level of redundancy to all network components we can alleviate disruptions without any impact on the availability of our services. We guarantee an uptime guarantee of 99.99% on the core network.

The Tilaa network (AS196752) uses multiple TIER-1 network suppliers (TATA and Telia Company) and is directly connected to one of the largest internet exchanges in the world (AMS-IX), therefore Tilaa has fast and redundant connections to all networks world-wide.

Our physical servers are connected with two patches to different rack switches. The rack switches are connected to the fully redundant core network. The various datacenter locations are connected using multiple dark fibers traversing different physical paths.


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