Large storage VPS on a Big Disk

Large online storage with your VPS? Try our Big Disk. Your data is safely stored within the EU at an amazing price.

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Tremendous capacity

Tilaa offers you two types of Big Disk. You can choose between the SSD and HDD version. Because of the scalability of Big Disk, we offer you the option to increase your disk space as your projects grow. The process of storing your data is as effortless as you've been used to. We use Ceph as the foundation for Big Disk. The data you store on your Big Disk is stored and replicated multiple times on hardware which is separated from your VPS. This way, you can easily transfer your Big Disk between Virtual Private Servers.


Advantages of Big Disk


Your VPS instantly available - Tilaa

Instantly Available

Certified cloud

Fully certified

Unlimited traffic - Tilaa

A VPS with unlimited traffic

24/7 SLA included

24/7 SLA included

First class network - Tilaa

First class network

European datacenters

Multiple European datacenters

Endless possibilities

The HDD Big Disk is perfect for storing large quantities of large files you don't use constantly and which don't require a high throughput. The HDD Big Disk is extremely suitable for large quantities of pictures and digital archives for example.

In addition to the ability to scale up enormously, the SSD Big Disk also has a faster throughput. Therefore, the SSD option is more suitable for storing a large amounts of frequently requested data or files which require high throughput rates, such as periodic backup and video archives.

The Big Disk starts at 2,000 GB per month for a fixed low price. You only pay for the capacity you need. So there are no complicated formulas required to determine the total costs for the transactions or IOPS.


Order and start right away

Are you already one of our valued users? Then you can add your Big Disk to VPS directly from the Dashboard. You can connect a maximum of 2 Big Disks, one SSD and one HDD, to each of your Virtual Private Servers. Big Disk is immediately connected to your VPS and ready to use.

Are you new to Tilaa and interested in our VPS solutions and Big Disk? You can order yours through the configurator on our website in just a few clicks.

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Superb availability VPS

To achieve an even greater availability of your services, you can rely on our additional cloud hosting services:

  • High Available NFS Share

    For safe central storage and sharing files between multiple servers. We ensure 99.99% availability of your NFS Share.

  • Failover IP-addresses

    With a failover IP-address, you can switch your service to a standby server in case the primary server fails. With failover IP you can also switch between different datacenters.

  • Managed back-up

    Offsite managed back-up, offers the best protection against datacenter calamities. We create a back-up image every 4 hours which we can restore quickly and easy, if necessary.


Happy to help

As a Tilaa customer, you can create, edit and manage your VPS 24 hours a day without intervention from Tilaa. All our processes are automated, so we can provide you the best quality possible.

If you have issues or questions, please contact our support department. You can reach us by phone, email and through our social media channels. Our technical support engineers are experts in cloud hosting and are eager to help you.

We offer you 24/7 support on our platform and network. When you choose to order the additional Managed Server Pack, we can also assist you with your questions and challenges regarding the operating systems and basic software within the helpdesk opening hours.

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