Big Disk for Cloud VPS

Easily add and manage highly available and scalable storage capacity to your Cloud VPS. 

Big Disk for Cloud VPS

Built with data security in mind

Is your company growing and/or do you need more storage for your files and data? Simply add Big Disk to your setup and enjoy up to 20,000 GB of storage space!

Tilaa built Big Disk with data security in mind. At a prorated cost, your data is securely stored in the EU. Its scalability allows you to let your projects grow alongside you.

Configure Big Disk

Powered by Ceph technoloy

We use Ceph technology as a base for Big Disk. Ceph is a scalable software-defined storage system that runs on commodity hardware and provides storage in a single self-driving, self-correcting platform with no single point of failure.

All data is stored and replicated multiple times on hardware that is separated from your Cloud VPS. This way, you can easily transfer your Big Disk between different Cloud VPSs.

Powered by Ceph Technology

Advantages of Big Disk


European datacenters

European datacenters

HDD & SDD available


Ceph Technology

Ceph Technology

Scalable performance

Scalable performance

Your VPS instantly available - Tilaa

Directly accessible

Till 20.000 Gb

Up till 20,000 GB

Certified cloud

Fully certified cloud

Highly available

Highly available

SSD & HDD storage 

Big Disk enables you to manage both unstructured data and data-intensive storage challenges. You can choose either cold storage (SSD) or block storage (HDD).

HDD: The HDD Big Disk is perfect for storing large quantities of large files you don't use constantly and which don't require high throughput. It's extremely suitable for digital archives for example.

SSD: Our SSD storage has faster throughput and is, therefore, more suitable for storing large amounts of frequently requested data or files which require high throughput rates, such as periodic backup and video archives.

SSD & HDD Storage

Order and start right away

Big Disk starts at 2,000 GB per month for a fixed low price.

Do you already have a Tilaa account? You can add Big Disk via My Tilaa. You can connect a maximum of 2 extra disks, one SSD and one HDD, to each of your servers. Big Disk is immediately connected to and ready to use on your Cloud VPS.

Are you new to Tilaa? Big Disk is an optional feature of our Cloud VPSs. With a few clicks, you can order yours through our configurator.

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Increase your Cloud VPS storage capacity with Big Disk