Case studies & whitepapers

Tilaa offers infrastructure solutions for many different types of businesses around the world. Get inspired by our stories or the stories of our customers and partners. 

Customer case studies

Discover how our customers from a variety of sectors found the correct Tilaa cloud solution to suit their challenges. 
Klassentrivsel case


Discover how a Danish SaaS in the Edtech branche is using Tilaa's cloud solution for hosting their applications and the data of students.

Vicus case


This Dutch E-commerce agency was one of the first providers of Magento for the Netherlands. A solid infrastructure is needed to adapt to this fast changing market.



More than 500 business companies depend on this web agency. A business that distinguishes itself for over 20 years thanks to a self-developed CMS, solid performance and a personal approach.

Queezy x Tilaa


One of our partners has built a very strong hosting platform on our infrastructure. Queezy: a platform that is Quick and Easy to use!

WuBook case


Discover how WuBook, a global tourist company that provides easy access to the greatest technologies to help their customers build their business, uses Tilaa cloud solutions to boost their global growth.

Partner case studies

Find out more on our interesting network of partners. Tilaa's success is dependent on our partner's knowledge, capabilities, and progress. Here you can find a variety of tailored resources.
Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is one of the datacenter providers for the Tilaa network. We've interviewed Eric Lisica, Operations Director at Iron Mountain and talked about their sustainability goals.





NorthC is one of the datacenter providers for the Tilaa network. We've interviewed Jarno Bloem, Chief Operating Officer at NorthC and talked about their goals to be fully carbon neutral by 2030.




Do you want to learn more? Do you want to know how to migrate to the cloud effectively and choose the correct partner? Learn more on topics such as Linux, cloud security and infrastructure innovations.
Cloud research report

Research: 5 Cloud trends

Read about the challenges that organizations encounter with their cloud infrastructure, based on research conducted in the Dutch market.

DDoS Ebook

DDoS Deepdive

Do you want to know how you can protect your organization by preventing or combating DDoS attacks? Our ebook provides useful and practical insights.

Linux Deepdive

Linux Deepdive

The ebook 'The (r)evolution of the Linux distribution' answers all Linux questions and helps you to make the best choice for your organization.

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