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Powerful add-ons for your Cloud VPS

Managed backup

Managed Backup

NFS share

NFS share

big disk

Big Disk



Floating IP address

Floating IP address

Managed Back-up

With Managed Backup, you can rest assured that all your data, in Linux systems, is safe and secure 24/7. Not available for Windows.

Tilaa runs a backup of your Cloud VPS every 4 hours, which is aggregated into daily, weekly, and monthly backups. All of the data from the previous month will be safely stored on another server in one of our data centers. Of course, we also ensure that the backup is restored quickly whenever you require it.

Cloud VPS with Managed Back-up

Managed Backup

High Available NFS share

Tilaa offers High Available NFS Share for secure central storage and the ability to share files between multiple servers. This eliminates the complexity of decentralized storage by storing your data in a centralized location.

Our NFS clusters offer reliable and very fast central storage based on SSD.

⭐  99.99% availability of your NFS Share guaranteed

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Multiple snapshots

It is possible to make multiple snapshots of your VPS.

Restore a snapshot with the press of a button or use it as the basis for a new server (cloning). Each new VPS comes with a single snapshot, completely free of charge. For extra snapshots a small amount is charged based on your VPS disk size, for reference please have a look at our pricing page.


Floating IP address

A floating IP address is an essential part for any cloud infrastructure and it allows you to achieve higher availability: a back-up server can take over the IP address in case the primary server fails (failover).

Standard floating IP 
The standard floating IP address enables you to perform a failover within the same network and protect your application or service from downtime caused by hardware failures or planned maintenance on a single server.

  • Host multiple websites on the same instance
  • Failover management, so you can easily switch from one service to another

Global floating IP 
A global floating IP address enables failover between our datacenters and provides additional protection against data center downtime. We have a separate network for this purpose that is separate from our standard network.

  • Create complex infrastructures without a single point of failure


Want to get started with a failover IP address?
You can easily create a free account at Tilaa and configure your Cloud VPS with floating IP addresses. 

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