About the Cloud hosting provider Tilaa

Tilaa is a Dutch cloud hosting provider specialized in providing Virtual Private Servers (VPS) based on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Tilaa has been founded in 2008 with the vision of offering a simple, fast and transparent virtualized cloud platform.

What we do

Tilaa makes VPS hosting flexible and reliable by combining a transparent cost structure and monthly subscriptions with a high operational reliability and grade of security. Users of the Tilaa cloud can deploy and manage servers 24 hours a day, without requiring any human manual intervention. We do not use predefined VPS plans that let you pay for resources you do not need. The amount of memory, storage space and cpu are individually adjustable at any given time.

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Certified VPS Hosting

Tilaa is ISO 27001, ISO 9001, PCI-DSS, NEN 7510 and ISAE 3402 Type I certified and provides services from two datacenters in the vicinity of Amsterdam. The certifications prove that Tilaa has data security and quality assurance in order. The Tilaa network is fully redundant. At this moment we are hosting companies and individuals from more than 130 countries.

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Brands in our cloud

Tilaa - brands in our cloud - oilily Tilaa - brands in our cloud - slateTilaa - brands in our cloud - appsignalTilaa - brands in our cloud - esa
Tilaa - brands in our cloud - philipsTilaa - brands in our cloud - neverblandTilaa - brands in our cloud - 1procentclubTilaa - brands in our cloud - buyways
Tilaa - brands in our cloud - nluugTilaa - brands in our cloud - votdTilaa - brands in our cloud - wageningenTilaa - brands in our cloud - sofort