Cloud compute for health

Reliability, safety and compliance are inextricably linked with healthcare. That is why care workers rely on Tilaa

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Certified cloud
Certified cloud

As a Dutch company, we follow European laws and regulations. We are NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certified.

NL datacenters
Dutch data centers

Tilaa works with two Tier-3+ data centers in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and Haarlem.

99,99% uptime

Tilaa prioritizes maximum uptime, ensuring that your infrastructure is always available.

Fully redundant

Your organization's data remains accessible thanks to our redundant network configuration.

Healthcare and the cloud

Partner of healthcare

Tilaa supports professionals and organizations within the health sector with reliable and fully automated infrastructure solutions. We provide a solid infrastructure so that healthcare providers can concentrate on their core activities.
Tilaa guarantees
  99,99% uptime of our core network
Redundant network components
Secure data storage in Dutch data centers

Health & data security

Healthcare is a unique sector in terms of data security. Personal (medical) information is constantly requested, edited, and processed. Tilaa follows strict requirements and protocols to ensure privacy and security. We are ISO 27001 certified and follow the NEN 7510 standard.


Tilaa in practice

About Health E-Solutions
Health E-Solutions is a software developer specializing in healthcare IT systems. They create applications, platforms, and information systems for healthcare institutions in the Netherlands, Western Europe, and South America with a diverse team of specialists. Since 2018, Health E-Solutions has been a user of the Tilaa platform. 

The challenge
It is critical for Health E-Solutions to provide digital solutions that meet the needs of customers. These requirements vary, so a high degree of flexibility is required, and Tilaa servers can be easily scaled up and down. Naturally, NEN 7510 certification is also needed.

Health E-Solutions x Tilaa
Health E-Solutions

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Certified health
Tilaa certified since 2014

As a specialist in infrastructure hosting in the cloud, we are all about safety, security and quality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Tilaa guarantee 99.99% uptime?

Our network philosophy is 'one is none.' We absorb disruptions without affecting service availability by (at least) duplicating all network components.

Our physical servers are doubly connected to different rack switches. The rack switches are also connected to the fully redundant core network. Several private fiber-optic connections run between the different locations of the data centers over physically separate paths.

The Tilaa network is connected to one of the world's largest internet nodes via multiple TIER-1 network suppliers (AMS-IX). As a result, Tilaa has quick and redundant connections to every network on the planet.

Is all data safe with Tilaa?

The EU Data Protection Act, which governs the processing of personal data, protects all data hosted on our platform.

When your server is created with the default password, a number of people within Tilaa have access to it. We no longer have access to your server as soon as you change this password.

Does Tilaa have a data processing agreement?

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is necessary to have a processing agreement.

What can I do with a Tilaa Cloud VPS?

A Tilaa Cloud VPS server supports all common operating systems, control panels and applications for your ideal custom set-up. Your Cloud VPS server is completely installed and delivered ready for use.