Big Disk / Block Storage

flexible and
reliable storage

Easily add and manage highly available and scalable Big Disk/Block Level Storage capacity to your Cloud VPS. 

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You can easily choose to scale up from 2 to 20 TB to fit your own business needs​.


Replicated across multiple nodes to protect against any single point of failure​.

Easy setup

Setup your Big Disk/Block Storage in just a few steps using our configurator​.

Cost effective​

Minimize your Cloud VPS storage costs by adding Big Disk instead​.

Built with data security in mind

Is your company growing and/or do you need more storage for your files and data? Simply add Big Disk/Block Storage to your setup and enjoy up to 20,000 GB of storage space! This scalability allows you to let your projects grow alongside you.

Tilaa built Big Disk with data security in mind. At a prorated cost, your data is securely stored in the EU.

Benefits of Big Disk
  • Cheaper than adding general storage to your Cloud VPS configuration.
  • Redundancy is applied by default for your Big Disk data

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SSD & HDD storage 

Big Disk enables you to manage both unstructured data and data-intensive storage challenges. You can choose either cold storage (HDD) or block storage (both HDD and SSD). 

HDD: The HDD Big Disk is perfect for storing large quantities of large files you don't use constantly and which don't require high throughput. It's extremely suitable for digital archives for example.

SSD: Our SSD storage has faster throughput and is, therefore, more suitable for storing large amounts of frequently requested data or files which require high throughput rates, such as periodic backup and video archives.


SSD & HDD Storage

Technical Specifications

checks-50 Volume size: 2 TB - 20 TB
checks-50 Storage technology: high performance HDD (NVMe for Metadata) & SSD (full SSD)
checks-50 IOPS: up to 100 HDD, 1.000 SSD 
checks-50 Throughput: up to 80 MB/s
checks-50Provides additional storage capacity to Cloud VPS​
checks-50 Highly available and fault tolerant​
checks-50 Data is replicated through erasure coding

checks-50 Volumes can be formatted, mounted, and accessed like locally connected storage devices
checks-50 Up to 2 Volumes can be attached to a single Cloud VPS
checks-50 Durability: 99.999%
checks-50 Data stored in the Netherlands, EU privacy law applies
checks-50 Manageable on MyTilaa
checks-50 User friendly dashboard
checks-50 SLA applied

Recommended Workloads

checks-50 Suitable for workloads that require large amounts of storage
checks-50 Storage solution for website files and media
checks-50 Compatible with Cloud-based file servers
checks-50 Backup location for other applications

If you want to run a large database with more IOPS, we recommend you use a Cloud Database

Order and start right away

Big Disk starts at 2 TB per month for a fixed low price.

Do you already have a Tilaa account? You can add Big Disk via My Tilaa. You can connect a maximum of 2 extra disks, one SSD and one HDD, to each of your servers. Big Disk is immediately connected to and ready to use on your Cloud VPS.

Are you new to Tilaa? Big Disk is an optional feature of our Cloud VPSs. With a few clicks, you can order yours through our configurator.

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What is Big Disk/Block Storage best for?

Big Disk, or also known as block-level storage, is a technology that is used to store data files on storage area networks (SANs) or cloud-based storage environments. Businesses favor Big Disk for computing situations where they require flexible, high quality and reliable data transportation that is easy to use for both Linux and Windows.

What is Big Disk/Block Storage vs Object Storage?

Big Disk/Block Storage is the most commonly used type of storage. Businesses all over the world have fully embraced Block Storage as a method of data storage. Object Storage is a more recent technology than Block Storage. It saves information in the form of objects. 

We have a in-depth article about this subject, you can read it here

Can I run a database on my additional Big Disk?

For higher workloads and IOPS we recommend you use a Cloud Database for your database needs.

How do I add Big Disk/Block Storage on a Windows VPS?

Read our Knowledge base article about: How to add Block Storage on a Windows VPS

How do I add Big Disk/Block Storage for my Linux VPS?

Read our Knowledge base article about: How to add Block Storage/Big Disk for my Linux VPS

Increase your Cloud VPS storage capacity

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