Serverless Containers

the power of kubernetes - without the complexity

Easily manage your containers in our trusted cloud and simplify the management of your cloud resources.

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No extra workforce required

You don't need additional IT-specialists to manage your container platform. Save time and money on human resources.

Easy & fast setup

For those who want to start launching their solution and jump on the latest trends instead of learning something complex.

Less operational costs
Less operational costs

Streamline your resource management by only using resources when they are necessary. You only pay for what you need.

No infrastructure management
Scale on demand

Handle more demanding workloads with just one click of a button.

"The main downside is having to explain to Kubernetes users how you have so much free time"

Containers are clearly the deployment model of the future. Putting containers into production usually comes with the complexity of having to deal with orchestration, like Kubernetes. Tilaa's Serverless Containers takes away the pain and allows you to easily deploy containers.

This product enables you to encapsulate your applications into portable, self-contained units, simplifying the process of shipping them.

You no longer have the hassle of maintenance and system configuration, which means you have more time to focus on your core business.

Technical specifications


checks-50 Powered by Kubernetes
Rolling updates without downtime
checks-50 Create a namespace to deploy in a isolated environment
checks-50 Run standalone container images
checks-50 Private registry support

Tilaa features
checks-50 Hosted in the Netherlands, EU privacy law applies

Free extra services
checks-50 Network traffic via fair-use policy with no additional monthly costs
checks-50 DDoS protection layer 4 Volumetric

checks-50 Secured ISO & PCI standards​
checks-50 User friendly cloud portal​


  • Pay per use
  • Minimum of 1 minute
  • Including egress and ingress
  • Cheaper than big tech alternatives

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A new form of software containerization - serverless containers - is about to offer businesses a more secure, easier and faster-to-deploy method of deploying software across the organisation.

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Managing your own IT infrastructure can be a real challenge. If you’re spending a lot of time, money and effort on trying to allocate and manage your computer systems, then Cloud VPS (VMs), Containers or Serverless Computing could be ideal.


Frequently asked questions

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes, often abbreviated as K8s, is an open-source container orchestration platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Developed by Google and donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Kubernetes has rapidly become the industry standard for container orchestration, powering the deployment and management of applications in various cloud and on-premises environments. Read more about it in this knowledge base article.

What is cloud orchestration?

The practice of automating the tasks required to manage connections and operations of workloads in the cloud is known as cloud orchestration. This can also be done for a cloud container. The structure of a number of containers that together make the desired functionality, is called orchestration.

What is a container?

Containers are packages of software that form a runnable unit on their own. Unlike virtual machines, containers packages include all necessary elements to run a task. Large and often complex systems are broken down into smaller chunks, usually performing one task. 

What is Containerization?

Containerization is a technology that has transformed the way applications are developed, deployed, and managed. It provides a lightweight, portable, and efficient approach to packaging and running software and it's dependencies. This knowledge base article explores the key concepts, benefits, and use cases of containerization.

Serverless Containers: A Comprehensive Guide

Tilaa's Serverless Containers offer a user-friendly solution for leveraging containerization technology without the burden of managing underlying components. With our professional platform, you can efficiently containerise and ship your applications, eliminating the overhead traditionally associated with launching and maintaining them. In this knowledge base article, we will explore the concept, benefits, use cases, and best practices of serverless containers.

How am I billed for Serverless Containers?

Billing will happen per month. The cost is determined for the amount of allocated resources the customer is planning to use within the namespace.