Serverless containers

Easily manage your containers in our trusted cloud and simplify the management of your cloud resources

Serverless Containers
Efficient & fast

Release your solutions quick and easy with Tilaa's Serverless Containers. This cloud solution offers orchestration of container-based deployments without the hassle of continuous maintenance and system configuration.

Serverless Containers allow businesses to run containers without having to manage the servers or compute infrastructure on which the containers operate.

Good to know: Our Serverless Containers solution is currently being built by our specialists. We would love to get your input for development. Please let us know which feature requests are important for you.

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We take care of the infrastructure


No infrastructure management

Automate infrastructure

Automate your infrastructure management with our Serverless Containers solution. Our containers will manage infrastructure administration by changing resources based on traffic, simplifying the operation of your applications.

Less operational costs

Less operational costs

Streamline your resource management by only using resources when they are necessary. Save operating expenses by eliminating the need for additional or larger servers. With auto-scaling and auto-balancing you only pay for what you need.

Fast deployment

Fast deployment

Release your solutions quick and easy. This cloud service offers orchestration of container-based deployments without the hassle of continuous maintenance and system configuration.

Benefits of the Tilaa Cloud

European cloud

European cloud

Powered by Dutch datacenters

fully certified

Fully certified

All your projects safe and compliant

excellent support

Excellent support

Always an answer to your question.

Safe time

Work on projects, not on configurations

premium network

Premium Network

Fully redundant directly connected to AMS-IX

Technologies used

The Tilaa Serverless Containers environment is a central implementation for all customers, with still keeping all their environments isolated. It can run standalone docker images but also supports deployment principles based on Kubernetes.

In the near future the environment we would want to support code-based infrastructure automation like Terraform. The main advantage of using containers in development is that if it works on the developer environment, it will work on Tilaa’s Serverless Containers as well.

Help us develop Serverless Containers

We're currently developing our new Serverless Containers service and we would like to collect your valuable feedback. Which functions are necessary for your project? Which techniques are you looking for? 

Please let us know and give us your feature requests. We are happy to provide you with the latest status of development.

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Serverless Containers FAQ

What is a cloud container?

Containers are packages of software that form a runnable unit on their own. Unlike virtual machines, containers packages include all necessary elements to run a task. Large and often complex systems are broken down into smaller chunks, usually performing one task. 

What is cloud orchestration?

The practice of automating the tasks required to manage connections and operations of workloads in the cloud is known as cloud orchestration. This can also be done for a cloud container. The structure of a number of containers that together make the desired functionality, is called orchestration.

What is Serverless?

In the Serverless computing model, developers can concentrate on developing code to handle specific events while computing resources for the infrastructure are maintained in the background. In order to fulfil incoming requests, this code is packaged as a serverless function and called as frequently as necessary by the serverless runtime.