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Standard benefits of our Cloud VPS

Easy to use dashboard

User friendly dashboard

User friendly dashboard

Custom Configurations

Dutch Datacenters

Dutch/European Datacenters

private network

Virtual Private Cloud

Unlimited Traffic

High performance & Unlimited traffic

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

secured ISO & PCI

Secured ISO & PCI standards

24/7 SLA included

24/7 SLA included

User friendly dashboard

Manage your virtual machines with our easy-to-use dashboard.Spend less time on infrastructure maintenance and more time on growing your business and projects. Our portal provides server access, configuration management, analytics, and much more. Create a free account to access our dashboard.

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User friendly Tilaa dashboard

Custom configurations

For your convenience we offer a standard set of server packages. However with our configurator you can also pick the exact configuration you require. Choose your ideal RAM, CPU, and storage configuration, and your custom cloud VPS will be ready in just a few clicks.

Configure a custom Cloud VPS

Custom Configurations

Dutch data centers

Our 2 data centers have a TIER-3+ grade and are located in Amsterdam and Haarlem (in the Netherlands). They are built for maximum reliability by providing redundant cooling and dual power feeds to all of our equipment. Early smoke detection and suppression systems ensure that incidents are detected and resolved as soon as possible.

As a cloud hosting provider, we believe it is important that the datacenters hosting our virtual private servers are located in Europe. Why? Because doing so ensures that all data on the site is safeguarded by the Data Protection Directive of the EU.

Dutch datacenters

Virtual private cloud

Do you want to separate your public and internal network traffic? Easily create multiple isolated network environments as a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

That way you keep control over which applications are in direct contact with the internet and which are only accessible internally. Read more about the possibilities of VPC at Tilaa in our blog.

Private Network

High performance & unlimited traffic

With reasonable daily network usage you can use our internet connections without any limitations. Each Cloud VPS is equipped with a 1 Gbps network connection.

Our network has more than enough bandwidth to handle traffic for even the most demanding applications. With our Fair use policy we are able to monitor on network abuse.

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Unlimited Traffic

DDoS Protection

We built our infrastructure to provide mitigation and protect you against all known and 'zero day' threats of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

DDoS Protection

Advanced features included with Cloud VPS

24/7 SLA included

24/7 SLA included

Tilaa provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We ensure that the network and server hardware are always available. In the event of an infrastructure incident, you can contact our experts 24/7.

ISO & PCI standards

Secured ISO & PCI standards

We guarantee that your data is securely stored in the European cloud. Tilaa is certified to ISO 27001, ISO 9001, PCI-DSS, NEN 7510, and ISAE 3402 Type I.

1st Snapshot for free

1st Snapshot for free

With Tilaa, your first snapshot is completely free. Schedule snapshots to ensure you always have a reliable backup. Do you want more? Easily add snapshots via your dashboard.

local storage

Local Storage

We only work with local storage to ensure the lowest disk latency and best I/O performance. Set up an application cluster without a single point of failure to achieve maximum availability. Our placement algorithm ensures that clustered servers are always provisioned on separate physical hosts.

First class network - Tilaa

First class network

The Tilaa network (AS196752) is fully redundant and offers 99.99% uptime guarantee on the core network. Tilaa connects to multiple TIER-1 network providers and is connected to one of the world's largest internet exchanges (AMS-IX).


SSD Storage

With Tilaa you have direct access to super-fast SSD storage. This means maximum I/O performance, fewer capacity problems and lower power usage. We use hardware RAID-10 for the best balance between performance and redundancy.


KVM Virtualisation

At Tilaa, we use KVM for virtualisation. A virtual server running on KVM can perform all of the functions of a physical server, with comparable performance and significantly increased flexibility.


Video Display

You can always connect to your VPS via console using the Tilaa dashboard, even if SSH or Remote Desktop are no longer available. You can use the video display in conjunction with our rescue mode to troubleshoot configuration issues.



In addition to a fixed IPv4 address, your VPS has a fixed IPv6 address. Using the Tilaa dashboard, you can assign additional IPv6 addresses and configure DNS settings for free. This way, you are all set for the future.

Tilaa Cloud VPS      Eco-friendly hosting

VPS hosting with Tilaa helps you achieve your CSR targets.

A VPS is more energy-efficient than a dedicated server. Tilaa uses only CO2-neutral data centers running on 100% renewable energy.

Our data centers are ISO 14001 certified, which requires them to continuously innovate at the energy-saving level. The achieved PUE ratio is currently below 1.2, the lowest available in the market.

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Environment Friendly Cloud hosting


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