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Maximum availability with lightning-fast Woocommerce hosting. A Tilaa Cloud VPS is reliable, fully automated and easy to customize to your needs. 

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Boost your revenue with WooCommerce

A fast website is essential for both potential customers and Google. That's why websites hosted by Tilaa are dependable and extremely fast. We are ready for you to peak.

For an online webshop is essential to be fast and always available. Host your WordPress WooCommerce webshop on our Dutch cloud. Tilaa is an expert in the field of e-commerce hosting and we provide self-managed servers for fast and reliable websites.

Create a free account, explore the benefits of our Cloud Dashboard and configure your own virtual server with WooCommerce.

Benefits of hosting WooCommerce with Tilaa

With the power of Tilaa cloud hosting, you have everything you need for your WooCommerce webshop & applications.

checks-50 Unlimited data traffic based on our Fair Use Policy
checks-50 Free SLA

checks-50 99,99% uptime guaranteed

checks-50 Storage in Dutch data centers

checks-50 Managed backup 
checks-50 Free 1st snapshot

checks-50 24/7 emergency support

checks-50Flexible billing
checks-50Unlimited up- & downscaling
checks-50Redundant infrastructure

checks-50 Free choice of control panel (cPanel or DirectAdmin)

checks-50 Real-time CPU stats
checks-50 Cloud Portal included

checks-50 User management

checks-50 IPv4 & native IPv6
checks-50 PHP 5.6 - PHP 8.1
checks-50 Fail-over IP address

checks-50 High Available NFS Share

checks-50 Extra storage - Big Disk
checks-50 HTTPS/2
checks-50 24/7 server monitoring

checks-50 ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 270001, ISAE 3402 type 1
checks-50 Rescue mode included
checks-50 Free DDoS protection
checks-50 PCI/DSS compliant
checks-50 NEN 7510 certified

checks-50 CloudInit support
checks-50 Choice of various OSs
checks-50 ElasticSearch support
checks-50 Personal support by telephone, mail & tickets

Benefits of a Tilaa Cloud VPS

Your VPS instantly available - Tilaa

Instantly Available

Certified cloud

Fully certified

Unlimited traffic - Tilaa

A VPS with unlimited traffic

24/7 SLA included

Including 24/7 SLA

Simple dashboard

Simple dashboard

Quick support

Quick support

Tilaa VPS - aanbevolen door 98% van onze gebruikers.

On a Tilaa Cloud VPS

Do you want to get started with your WooCommerce webshop or application right away? In this article, we will demonstrate how simple it is to install WooCommerce on a Tilaa Cloud VPS.

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Sustainable cloud hosting

Tilaa assists you in achieving your sustainability goals. For instance, we only work with CO2-neutral, 100% green electricity-powered data centers.

Our data centers also have ISO 14001 certification. This calls for constant innovation in the field of energy conservation. Currently, the attained PUE ratio is less than 1.2. This is the lowest price that is currently attainable in the market. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is a Tilaa Cloud VPS for WooCommerce managed or unmanaged?
How much does a cloud VPS for WooCommerce cost?

That depends entirely on what you need or want. You almost always save money compared to using a dedicated server.

The price of a cloud VPS depends on the number of resources you choose. Do you want a lot of CPU, performance and storage? Then you will pay more than when you go for a smaller package with fewer resources.

At Tilaa, you always decide how much you will pay for your cloud VPS. Use our configurator to choose what you need and what your preferences are. After payment, you can start using your cloud immediately. And do you suddenly need extra resources? Then you can scale up or down 24/7.

How many IP addresses are there with a Tilaa Cloud VPS?

With every VPS you get an IPv4 address and an IPv6 block. Would you like more? Then feel free to contact support. You always choose what you want to buy and how much you want to spend. Want to know more about our prices? Then check out our price page.

Is there a way to change my server later?

Yes it is! Once you have created a server you can easily upgrade and downgrade it in your personal dashboard. Adjustments to your setup will be applied immediately.

What payment options does Tilaa accept?

We accept a variety of online payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, and Giropay.

Which control panels are available with my VPS?

When putting together a server, you can choose between a DirectAdmin or a cPanel control panel.


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