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NL datacenters
Dutch data centers

Tilaa works with two Tier-3+ data centers in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and Haarlem.

Resize server

Upgrading and downsizing can be done at any time, fully automated and without data loss.

Certified cloud
Certified cloud

As a Dutch company, we follow European laws and regulations. We are NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certified.

Excellent support
Excellent support

We always have a solution to your problem. We offer help within 1 hour during office hours.


We facilitate, you create

A Tilaa Cloud VPS gives you the freedom to create exactly what you need for your project. We are your infrastructure partner and provide the tools and services you need to get started with your own tailored environment. The majority of our processes have been fully automated. That's great for us, but it's even better for you because you can get started with your Cloud VPS without the help of our experts.

The Cloud VPS solution for your organization

Our servers are spread over 2 Dutch data centers and our network is connected to AMS-IX, among other things. We offer all possibilities to create a redundant environment where your services have the greatest possible availability. So that you and your projects can continue effortlessly.

The Cloud VPS solution that grows with you

A large order last minute and need additional space? With Tilaa, you can scale up or downgrade 24/7, or go for maximum storage with Big Disk. With your customized dashboard, you can decide for yourself what suits you best. 

Get started with your favorite software

With Tilaa's pre-installed software, you can quickly organise your server. Choose from popular systems like Wordpress, Magento, or Drupal, for example. Do you like to use a control panel like DirectAdmin or CPanel? Then you have a choice of more than 25 popular apps!

Tilaa in practice

About Dudesquare
For about 20 years, more than 500 entrepreneurs have relied on the Haarlem-based web agency Dudesquare. They distinguish themselves with a self-developed CMS, speed, and a personal approach. As Dudesquare grew, they went in search of a cloud hosting provider who was willing to grow with them.

The challenge
Dudesquare builds and maintains hundreds of websites for businesses and entrepreneurs, using many different approaches. Their clients can choose a fully customized website or use a template with endless possibilities. Managing all of these domains and scaling up when necessary for Dudesquare's clients requires infrastructure flexibility.

What do you want to know more about?


CPU steal time
CPU steal time for your VPS

Everything you need to know about steal time and what it means for your virtual machine.

VPS hosting uptime
The importance of maximum uptime

What does 99,99% uptime mean and what have we done to possibly guarantee such a statement? 

VPS ISO certifications
Tilaa certified since 2014

As a specialist in infrastructure hosting in the cloud, we are all about safety, security and quality. 

Discover the possibilities of Cloud VPS hosting

Work on your online projects as unlimited as you like. You have everything you need for your websites and applications with Tilaa VPS hosting's capabilities.

checks-50 SLA

checks-50 99,99% uptime guaranteed

checks-50 Dutch datacenters

checks-50 Managed backup
checks-50 Snapshots

checks-50 24/7 emergency support

checks-50Flexible billing

checks-50 Preferred control panel (Cpanel of DirectAdmin)

checks-50 Real-time CPU stats

checks-50User management

checks-50 IPv4 & native IPv6
checks-50 Fail-over IP-address

checks-50 High Available NFS Share

checks-50 Extra storage - Big Disk

checks-50 Rescue mode

checks-50 Console access

checks-50 CloudInit support

checks-50 SSH access
checks-50 Wide choice of pre-installed software

checks-50Choose various OS

Which Linux distro fits your needs?

As a web agency, you naturally want to organize your servers with software that suits your needs. Curious about which Linux distribution is suitable for your infrastructure? Read all about the history of Linux and the benefits of different distributions in this free e-book.

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Are you interested in a Cloud VPS? With Tilaa you can set up your VPS within 3 minutes. Still have some questions and do you want to talk to one of our experts? That too is possible. Please get in touch with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPS?

The acronym VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS runs on a large physical server of which a small part is yours. This small piece of space (your VPS) gives you great possibilities. You can choose your own OS and install the necessary software exactly the way you want it to be. 

Which operating systems can be used on my VPS?

You can choose Windows or many well-known Linux distributions (such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, CoreOS). You can also use a control panel on these servers. We offer  DirectAdmin or cPanel for this

For which organization is a VPS recommended?

A VPS is a good infrastructure option for organizations that opt for flexible and investment-friendly server hosting. For many SME organizations, the option of dedicated servers is too expensive and traditional web hosting offers too few options. When you work on complex websites or webshops of a reasonable size, shared hosting is not enough.