MySQL Cloud Database

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been easier

Save yourself the time and hassle of setting up, configuring and updating the software.

Create your databaseSee specs

Deploy fast

We already build the entire infrastructure, so you can set up your database within minutes without the hassle.

Focus on innovating

We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on what's really important!

Managed by Tilaa

Your engineers can focus on their core job while we keep everything running.

European cloud
European cloud

Keep your customers’ data safe and secure in Europe within our Dutch datacenters.

Time saving features

With MySQL Cloud Database, you can spend more time doing the things that matter and minimize the effort spent on database operations. It allows you to leverage the world’s most popular open-source relational database, without worrying about the details. After all, nobody enjoys spending entire days on maintenance checks, patching or debugging issues with replication.

Technical specifications


checks-50 Percona MySQL version 8.0
checks-50 Processor: up to 16 Intel Xeon cores
checks-50 Memory: up to 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM
checks-50 Storage: up to 1280 GB Full SSD
checks-50 Database cluster size: 1-3 nodes
checks-50 Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Tilaa features
checks-50 Your own endpoint URL via CNAME
checks-50 Private Network support
checks-50 Automatic fail-over and primary node assignment (for redundant configurations)
checks-50 Access via CLI or applications via endpoint
checks-50 Hosted in the Netherlands, EU privacy law applies

Free extra services
checks-50 Network traffic via fair-use policy with no additional monthly costs
checks-50 DDoS protection layer 4 Volumetric

checks-50 Secured ISO & PCI standards​
checks-50 User friendly dashboard​

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With this product, you no longer need to manage your own databases and can instead leave it to us. You can choose between a 1 node, 2 node, or 3 node cluster.

How to: Creating dump files from your database

You bought your first Cloud Database and are eager to start utilizing it, so you want to load a lot of data to it. Here is a quick tutorial on how to accomplish it.

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Using data well is the critical success factor in business today. But there’s a difference between getting the best payback from your database, and being expert in the million features and functions of a database environment.

Set up your Cloud Database in just a few steps

No more filling in requests or forms, now you can simplify your database management and take control of your workflow with the new user-friendly Cloud Portal from Tilaa.
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Frequently asked questions

What should I expect if I go with Tilaa's Cloud Database?

The Tilaa Cloud Database service provides a database engine within the Tilaa datacenter environment, with all of the benefits that entails. In terms of database services, the service provides subscription-based database functionality. The current version only includes MySQL engines, as well as scalable storage and functional monitoring. Tilaa is in charge of the administration and/or management of the database infrastructure (nodes, storage, network, and so on). In a nutshell, we will provide you with the data and tools you need to create a stable, highly available database engine.

Is it possible to access Cloud Database through private networking?

The Tilaa network's private connection is enabled by default. It should be noted that private network access is only available to servers in the same account.

Can I dynamically upscale Cloud Database?

Yes, all packages allow for this. However, because the database is only running on one node, there will be downtime with Cloud Database Single Node. It is also possible with Cloud Database Redundant and Cloud Redundant High Availability (HA), but you avoid downtime by absorbing your activities on other nodes.

Can I also depend on redundancy as a backup?

No, this is not possible. Since the nodes write all changes at the same time, information in a database vanishes when deleted. Do you want to be certain that you can rely on old data? We recommend that you regularly backup your data.

How do I backup my Cloud Database?

We will roll out an automatic backup feature for Cloud Database in the future. Till then this has to be done manually.

If I have a Cloud Database on a different provider, can I migrate everything to Tilaa?

Yes, you should create a backup from your current database and restore it on our database.

It is important to note that the migration process may vary depending on the specific details of your existing database and the migration tools that are available. Therefore, it is recommended to contact Tilaa's support team to discuss your migration needs and to receive guidance on the best approach for your particular situation.

If I order a 2 or 3 node Cloud Database, will they all be installed in the same datacenter? Do I (as a customer) have any choice in that?

Yes they will be installed in one datacenter, but you can choose if it is in Haarlem or Amsterdam.

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