RockyLinux 8.4 is now available in our configurator

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RockyLinux 8.4 is now available in our configurator
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Rocky Linux 8.4, from the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation is now available (GA). Since this is the first Rocky Linux GA release, it's a significant milestone.

Why was Rocky Linux 8.4 created?

When Red Hat announced that it would be shifting its focus from CentOS Linux to CentOS stream, it stunned developers all over the world. Rocky Linux (and AlmaLinux) were born as a result of this decision.

Rocky Linux intends to act as a downstream build, similar to CentOS, creating updates after they have been added by the upstream distributor, rather than before. It is an open enterprise community operating system. Gregory Kurtzer, one of CentOS's founders, is one of the main developers.

Rocky Linux 8.4 is now available with Tilaa

Rocky Linux has now been officially released, and it is also featured in our configurator. Visit our configurator to make your selection. Choose ‘Operating system', then ‘Linux', and lastly ‘Rocky Linux'.


Rocky Linux Configurator

Image of Rocky Linux in our configurator

How to migrate to Rocky Linux 8.4

Do you work with CentOS 8? If you want, you can opt to convert to Rocky Linux 8.4. Simply follow these instructions on Github to migrate correctly. 

💡Create a snapshot (or a backup) first to ensure that nothing is lost.


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Set up your next VPS

Ready for Rocky Linux? Go to our configurator and set up your new VPS

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