Flexible, redundant, always online 
is that you? 

Tilaa is all about reliability. Our network is redundant in every aspect and we are happy to help you reach the highest possible availability as well, for example with a cluster. Welcome to our second newsletter of 2016, in which we’d love to tell you more about this. And about backups for example, are you sure you have them in place?
Online Always available with a cluster solution

`Maximum availability, cost efficient and flexible.` Dutchdrops had clear requirements for Tilaa. Tilaa designed and built a server cluster for Dutchdrops that can hardly fail and is also sharply priced due to a clever construction. Would you like to know exactly what a cluster is, how Dutchdrops cluster is built and how it can benefit you? We’ll tell you all about it in this client case!

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Green Show them you are green!

Hosted by Tilaa? Then you are using green hosting. Show the world by putting this badge (with your own name) on your web site. Done in a jiffy! Tilaa is not just a fully CO2 neutral hoster, now we are also proud development partner of The Green Web Foundation. Would you like to know why we think green hosting is so important? Read our blog and find out.

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Safe Linux backup in place?

Our Managed backup service guarantees a good night’s rest for many of our clients. Tilaa makes a backup of your Linux server several times a day and monitors the backup process until completed. Another advantage: Tilaa can do the restore quickly, whereas uploading all data yourself through a home or office connection is often very time consuming.

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Meet Sven


Have you had contact with Tilaa yet? Then you probably know him. Sven is the coordinator of our support desk and has helped out many of our clients over the past two years. He loves learning new things, like managing the Tilaa servers and our support team. Outside office hours Sven also delivers: he is a great fan of pure food and drinks and generously shares the fruits of his gastronomic high points with the people around him.


Join Tilaa!

Do you happen to know a senior Linux engineer or front-end developer who would like to work in a dynamic and ambitious environment? A passionate and committed professional who welcomes a lot of freedom and responsibility? Thank you in advance for sharing these vacancies (in Dutch).

Peace of mind

Our datacenters in Amsterdam and Haarlem have been designed for maximum reliability by providing redundant cooling and dual power feeds to all our equipment. Early smoke detection and fire suppression systems ensure incidents can be quickly detected and resolved. That ensures peace of mind, doesn’t it?