10 years of Tilaa in one peek

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10 years of Tilaa in one peek
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Tilaa is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. A wonderful occasion to look back on the past decade and see what we have accomplished. Now, we can talk for hours about all the amazing things we have achieved, the experiences we have collected and the lessons we have learned.

But, we can also show it to you

That’s right, we have made an infographic with all our highlights over the past 10 years. Starting with the launch of our beautiful brand where we end at point as to where we are currently. A position wherefrom we can reflect on the past and from where we will continue to grow. We have displayed our highlights in the infographic, such as the new features that we have implemented, products that we have developed and milestones that we have experienced.


We could not have created all these wonderful moments without you as our loyal customer. We are not only proud of our own growth, but also that we have experienced it together with you. We look forward to a bright future and we would like to build it together with you. 

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