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Create a blazingly fast VPS within seconds. Choose a standard packages or configure a server to your own needs. Performance is one of Tilaa's top priorities.

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A reliable VPS for trading

The Forex, or Foreign exchange market, is a decentralized market for the trading of currencies. It is open 24/7 and if you want to trade in this environment it is important that your server is lightning quick, but it also needs to be dependable.

All of these are a certainty with Tilaa. With just a few clicks, you can register for a free account, access your dashboard, set up your preferred settings, and launch your own virtual private server with your preferred trading software.

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Top class network

By adding at least one level of redundancy to all network components we can alleviate disruptions without any impact on the availability of our services. We guarantee an uptime guarantee of 99.99% on the core network.

The Tilaa network (AS196752) uses multiple TIER-1 network suppliers (TATA and Telia Company) and is directly connected to one of the largest internet exchanges in the world (AMS-IX). Therefore Tilaa has fast and redundant connections to all networks worldwide.

Our physical servers are connected with 2 patches to different rack switches. The rack switches are connected to the fully redundant core network. The various datacenter locations are connected using multiple dark fibers traversing different physical paths.

Advantages of a Tilaa cloud VPS

Your VPS instantly available - Tilaa

Instantly Available

Certified cloud

Fully certified

First class network - Tilaa

First class network

Unlimited traffic - Tilaa

A VPS with unlimited traffic

24/7 SLA included

24/7 SLA included

Simple dashboard

Simple dashboard

Quick support

Quick support

Tilaa VPS - recommended by 98% of our customers.

Cloud hosting & Tilaa

We ensure our high quality cloud hosting, by adhering to strict certification criteria. In addition, our cloud architecture is redundant at every level, therefore it is built twice.

We provide our cloud hosting services from data centers in Europe (Amsterdam and Haarlem, both in the Netherlands). This is a conscious decision. Since our cloud storage is based in the Netherlands, the data of our users is well protected thanks to European laws and regulations.


A trading VPS by Tilaa: Fast & reliable

Tilaa places great importance on data security and data sovereignty. We are convinced that personal data, as well as data in a business context, is valuable. That is why we ensure quality and safety by certifying our processes and services in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

Our entire set of processes and procedures is monitored, evaluated, and improved continuously. Our users can be confident that we are constantly developing our services in order to maintain quality and safety.


100% self-service with our dashboard

With our extensive and transparent dashboard you have full control of your VPS. Manage user accounts, create, modify and cancel servers and view real-time server statistics. All without any assistance. 

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VPS pricing

Using our VPS configurator, you can tailor a server to the exact specifications you need but also get a clear overview of pricing.

You can add or remove capacity at any time. We provide licenses for Microsoft and Citrix software or take care of your Managed Back-up. A detailed overview of all services and their respective costs can be found in our pricing sheet.

Data centers in the European Union (EU)

As a cloud hosting provider, we believe it is important that the datacenters hosting our virtual private servers are located in Europe. Why? Because doing so ensures that all data on the site is safeguarded by the Data Protection Directive of the EU. For this reason, our data centers are located in the Netherlands.

The Data Protection Directive regulates the processing of personal information and is an important part of EU privacy and human rights legislation. The US Freedom Act (formerly known as Patriot Act) does not apply to your data in the Tilaa cloud. That should give you some peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to change my server later?

Yes, absolutely! Once you've set up a server, you can quickly upgrade and downgrade it from your own dashboard. Changes to your configuration are instantly implemented.

How many IP addresses does a Tilaa VPS contain?

With every VPS you get an IPv4 address and a IPv6 block as standard. Do you want more? Add more addresses at any time by contacting us. You always decide for yourself what you buy and how much. Do you want to know more about our prices? Check out our prices.

What support does Tilaa offer?

At Tilaa we have build up an extensive Knowledge Base over the years containing a wide range of articles that can help you out with the most common inquiries.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our cloud experts via email, phone, or a ticket. They are happy to help. Our specialists are unable to access your account due to your privacy. They can give you advice, think with you, or determine the source of a problem.

Is a Forex VPS with Tilaa managed or unmanaged?

Our Cloud VPS is a self-managed virtual private server. This implies that some server technical knowledge is required. However, this is a simple skill to master, and with our helpful guides, you'll be up and running in no time.

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