Our new and improved configurator

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Our new and improved configurator
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At Tilaa, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product for you. That is why last week, we updated our VPS configurator by simplifying options and adding some new ones. In this blog you can read all about the changes we've made.

In the past few weeks, we have thoroughly researched what our users need and how we can make our offers even better. Based on this research, we adjusted our VPS configurator redefining the measures in terms of storage and CPU core calculation. As a result, we updated the configuration of our VPSs by simplifying choices and adding some new features.


Here is what has changed

  • SSD storage only 

From now on, SSD storage is the standard for all new configurations. For all new VPSs, the choice of HDD storage has been removed because we want to provide everyone with the best and fastest storage type.

  • Fair performance 

To ensure that everyone receives the right performance as configured, we distribute virtual CPUs over our physical CPUs based on the benchmark of a 2.4GHz processor. In other words, if you configure 1 core at 100%, you will get either 100% of a 2,4GHz processor, or 92,4% of a 2,6GHz processor. Both configurations result in the same number of instructions per cycle.

  • Pre-set packages

We reviewed our pricing and made some changes that are reflected in our configurator. With the help of our ready to use packages, it's even easier to get started with your VPS. Simply choose your favourite setup (Beginner, Standard or Professional) and get started. Whatever package you decide to select, you will receive a minimum discount of 30 and even up to 50% for the first 6 months. 


How we calculate the CPU performance


When it comes to CPU performance, there are 2 metrics that are important: the number of cycles the CPU can complete in a second (known as clock speed) and the number of instructions that can be executed per cycle (IPC). When multiplying the clock speed with the number of instructions per cycle, you can determine how many instructions the CPU can handle per second.



We have various configurations for our hosts, running on several different clock speeds and with several different architectures. To ensure that we provide everyone with a fair, predictable and consistent VPS performance, we took a good look at how we should distribute virtual CPUs over our physical CPUs. To do so, we’ve taken a benchmark of 2,4GHz (which is our most common clock speed) and a common value for IPC based on calculations on various configurations. We have normalized the performance of your VPS to those benchmarked values.



This would mean that if you buy 1 core at a 100%, you will get either 100% of a 2,4GHz processor, or 92,4% of a 2,6GHz processor - provided it can handle the same number of instructions per cycle. That also means that when you buy a percentage of a virtual core, this translates to a percentage of the 2,4GHz processor benchmark



Standard features you will love

snapshotGet one snapshot for free

Regardless of how you choose to configure, we provide a free snapshot with every new VPS setup. Snapshots can be restored with the click of a button from the dashboard or used to set up a new server (cloning).

ddosSafety first with the help of DDoS protection

Our infrastructure is designed to protect you from all known and unknown Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

unlimitedA VPS with unlimited traffic

Enjoy unlimited data traffic, regardless of the size of your VPS. Data traffic is included based on our Fair Use Policy.

customFreedom of choice 

Unlike other VPS providers, with Tilaa you can customize your virtual machine to your specifications. Adding or removing RAMs, storage or CPUs from any setup. This freedom remains, but the steps in our configurator have been updated to better fit your needs.


Access truly fair and transparent pricing - no hidden fees, additional costs for usage or set-up. Never.


Do you want to upgrade your current VPS?

Keep in mind that if you already have a VPS with us, nothing will change. However, if you prefer, you can choose to upgrade your current VPS.

Simply follow the 4 steps below: 

1. Go to your dashboard
2. Choose 'resize server'
3.Set up your new configuration using the sliders
4. Agree to your new configuration and apply changes


Feel free to have a look 

Are you curious about our new and improved configurator? Make sure to have a look

Our support specialists are always happy to help you. So, if you have any questions or even feedback, feel free to contact us.

Get started



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