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Big Disk
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A solid and affordable product.
Data calls for ever increasing storage. Were we once delighted with a 1.44 MB floppy, the current disk space of a VPS at Tilaa these days is 80 GB, which is the equivalent of 5555.55 floppy’s. The demand for online storage continues to increase daily. Until now, the maximum disk space of a Tilaa VPS was 1,280 GB, but that is about to change.

You were not the only one noticing the change. We received more and more requests for increased disk space. So much, that it was time to take action. Behind the scenes we have been working extremely hard on a solution for this issue. That is why we gladly present to you our latest product: Big Disk. With Big Disk, we can now provide you with the storage space you have been searching for.

Tremendous capacity
Big Disk has an unprecedented storage capacity of up to 20,000 GB per Big Disk. You can connect two Big Disks to each Tilaa VPS, one SSD Big Disk and one HDD type. That gives you 40,000 GB of disk space where you can store all your data and files. In just one click, you can order yours now. All you have to do is select the disk space and storage type and your VPS has a tremendous disk space for an incredible price.

Big Disk comes in two types, SSD and HDD. Because of Big Disk’s scalability, we offer you the opportunity to let your projects grow with you. Saving data is as easy and simple as you have been used to. We use Ceph as a base for Big Disk so your data is stored on hardware that is separate from your VPS and is replicated multiple times. As a result, Big Disks can easily be transferred from one VPS to another.

HDD versus SSD
Determining what is the most suitable Big Disk for you can be a dilemma. Do you opt for speed or are you looking for cost efficiency? Deciding which Big Disk suits you best depends on what you want to do with it. The HDD Big Disk is perfect for storing huge quantities of large files that do not require a high throughput and are not constantly in use. Ideal for big digital archives or for storing large quantities of media files.

The SSD type Big Disk also comes with, in addition to the gigantic scale up ability, a very high throughput and is therefore extremely suitable for video archives or periodic backups. If you are not sure how much storage you need our advice is to start small. You can upgrade your Big Disk in no time on the Tilaa dashboard.

Scalable to your needs
The Big Disk starts at 2,000 GB a month for a fixed low price. You only pay for the expected capacity, so no complicated formulas are necessary to determine the total costs for the transactions or the IOPS. You will find the prices for the SSD and HDD Big Disk here and when you order 2,000 GB Big Disk now it is free until 2018! 

Order now and Big Disk is free until 2018!
Are you already one of our valued customers? Then you can directly add your Big Disk to your VPS on the Dashboard. You can connect a maximum of two Big Disks, one SSD and one HDD, to each of your Virtual Private Servers. Big Disk is immediately connected to your VPS and ready to use straight away. Since you are one of our loyal customers, we offer you this one-off discount. So, when you order 2,000 GB Big Disk now it is free until 2018!

Are you new to Tilaa and interested in our VPS solutions and Big Disk? You can order yours through the configurator on our website in just a few clicks. If you order your 2,000 GB Big Disk now it’s free until 2018!

As a Tilaa customer, you can create, edit and manage your VPS 24 hours per day without any intervention from Tilaa. All our processes are automated so we can provide you with the best quality.

If you have issues or questions, please contact our support department. You can reach us by phone, email and through our social media channels. Our technical support engineers are experts in cloud hosting and are eager to help you.

We offer you 24/7 support on the platform and network. When you choose to order the additional managed server pack, we can also assist you with your questions and challenges regarding the operating systems and basic software within the help desk opening hours.

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