Managed Worpress agency platform Queezy

Queezy ft. Tilaa

One of our partners has built a very strong hosting platform on our infrastructure. Queezy: a platform that is Quick and Easy to use!

Queezy is a Managed WordPress Agency Platform: a platform on which WordPress developers can quickly and easily develop, launch, manage and monitor websites. It is an ideal hosting platform for agencies with a reasonable volume of websites. This means that you will spend much less time setting up staging environments and publishing a new website: this can be done in a few clicks!

Enterprise performance for everyone

Queezy was set up and built by Tim Bodewes and Joris van Oers.

Queezy arose from our agency, When we started our business, we grew very quickly. As a result, we certainly encountered problems with our IT infrastructure in the early stages. But we were able to solve that challenge together with Tilaa by setting up a platform that could handle our demand.

Tim adds: 'What makes Queezy unique is that with this product we deliver the quality and service you would normally only see in an enterprise environment. With our platform, we make this service available to SMEs as well.'

Queezy Tim & Joris

Quickly develop your WordPress website with Queezy

Focus on agencies

Queezy's customers are mainly agencies that manage a lot of websites. The platform provides a simple overview of your websites, including the status and allows you to log in to the WordPress backend with one click.

In addition, automatic backups of the websites are made, which are redundantly stored on European servers. Another advantage of Queezy is the feature of automatic updates. It ensures that WordPress plugins, which run on all websites, are updated automatically.

Anyone who has ever maintained a WordPress website knows that compatibility between plugins and different WordPress versions can be an issue. Through active monitoring, Queezy ensures that error messages and bugs are immediately signaled. Rapid action is then taken.

Overzicht website Queezy

Not just any partnership

Tim and Joris are extremely happy with the cooperation with Tilaa. It feels like more than just purchasing a service:

“We can tell from everything that the Tilaa team is really committed to getting the best out of it. They know their customers and their network better than anyone else and they also know how to organize beautiful collaborations between them. In addition, it is simply a really enthusiastic and interested team.”

Would you like to experience the benefits of a Tilaa partnership as well?