The Tilaa VPS dashboard for self service

Curious about the functionalities of the Tilaa dashboard? On this page you can find a selection of the possibilities that the Tilaa dashboard gives you.

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Configure your vps

Start using your dashboard by configuring your vps.



Self service - Tilaa

Self Service

Manage everything from the Tilaa dashboard without the need to contact our helpdesk.

Resize - Tilaa


Increase or decrease the size of your server, fully automated and without loosing your data.

Reinstall - Tilaa


Would you like to start over or switch to a different operating system? No problem, all it takes is one click.

Manage DNS - Tilaa

Manage DNS

Modify the reverse DNS settings for your IP addresses effortlessly.

Manage billing - Tilaa

Flexible Billing

Select your preferred invoicing period and term of payment. We support most common payment methods.

Real Time statistics - Tilaa

Real Time Statistics

Real time access to CPU, disk and network activity, directly from the Tilaa dashboard.

Easy-cloning - Tilaa

Easy cloning

With the free snapshot feature you can clone your pre-configured servers conveniently. You can use a snapshot to deploy new servers.

User management - Tilaa

User management

Create multiple user accounts and use role based access to limit account permissions. Increase account security by enabling two factor authentication (Google authenticator or YubiKey).

Roll back - Tilaa

Roll back

If you create a snapshot before upgrading your operating system, you can roll back to a previous configuration, should the upgrade fail.