Tremendous capacity

The demand for vast storage is growing further every day. File sizes increase but the online storage does not follow the same path. Current options are unmanageable and highly priced. With our Big Disk, we do not only provide you with a sustainable storage solution, we also offer it for an amazing price. Add the Big Disk to your Tilaa VPS with just a few clicks. All you have to do is select the disk space and storage type.

Tilaa offers you Big Disk in two types. You can choose between the SSD and HDD version. Because of the scalability of Big Disk, we offer you the space and possibility to let your projects evolve with you. The process of storing your data is as effortless as you have been used to. We use Ceph as a base for Big Disk. The data you store on your Big Disk is gathered and replicated multiple times on hardware that is separate from your VPS. That way, you can easily transfer your Big Disk between Virtual Private Servers.

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Endless possibilities

The HDD Big Disk is ideally useful for storing a great quantity of large files that you do not use constantly and do not require a high throughput. For example, the HDD Big Disk is extremely suitable for large quantities of pictures and digital archives.

In addition to the ability to scale up enormously, the SSD Big Disk also has a faster throughput. Therefore, the SSD version is more suitable for storing a large amounts of frequently requested data or files that require high throughput rates, such as periodic backup and video archives.

The Big Disk starts at 2,000 GB per month for a fixed low price. You only pay for the expected capacity, so no complicated formulas are necessary to determine the total costs for the transactions or the IOPS.

Order and start right away

Are you already one of our valued customers? Then you can add your Big Disk to VPS on the Dashboard directly. You can connect a maximum of two Big Disks, one SSD and one HDD, to each of your Virtual Private Servers. Big Disk is immediately connected to your VPS and ready to use straight away.

Are you new to Tilaa and interested in our VPS solutions and Big Disk? You can order yours through the configurator on our website in just a few clicks.

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