MySQL for Cloud Database is now available

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MySQL for Cloud Database is now available
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The moment has arrived: we now offer MySQL for Cloud Database. This means that you can now create Cloud Databases for both PostgreSQL and MySQL. In this article, you can learn about the benefits of MySQL as well as the capabilities of Cloud Database.

Cloud Database and MySQL 

Put an end to database headaches and manuals: Tilaa Cloud Database is now available for MySQL! Cloud Database is a smart, fully automated solution that allows you to focus on projects rather than configurations.


About MySQL database

MySQL has been around since 1995, and Oracle has owned it since 2010. It is a free and open-source program. This means that it is essentially free and that you can freely customize it to your requirements and preferences. SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language, is a programming language that assists in tracking and managing data in a relational database. As a result, these letters can also be found at other providers, such as PostgreSQL.


MySQL: relational database

When you choose a MySQL database, you are also selecting a relational database. Instead of being stored all together in a heap, all data in this database is divided into different, separate storage areas (tables).

The advantage of this is that you avoid problems such as duplications or inconsistent data. You can still make connections with a key, such as all orders from a specific person.


Client-server model

MySQL incorporates the client-server model as well. This refers to the physical location of your data. You (as a client) must request access to that data. The client sends a request to the database server for the data it requires using SQL (the programming language).


Tilaa Cloud Database

Tilaa believes that businesses want to rely on an effective, flexible, and always-available service as they manage, store, and use more data. This is why we offer Cloud Database. Tilaa Cloud Database excludes the need for setup, backups, and updates, and it is powered by premium European servers.


Benefits of Cloud Database

Tilaa's Cloud Database is simple to use and adapts to the needs of your business. Start with a single node for development and grow up to production with no downtime.

Whenever needed, scale your databases horizontally and vertically. Clustered with automated failover, always available and monitored 24/7.



How to order Tilaa Cloud Database

Cloud databases are accessible to everybody. Create whole environments for both single-user apps and the biggest datasets in existence, run complicated programs, and handle administrative responsibilities.

Are you looking for a solid and powerful DBaaS solution? Fill out the form and we'll set up your own cluster for both PostgreSQL and MySQL!


Tilaa: your preferred Cloud Partner

At Tilaa we believe that progress begins with creating space for new ideas. That’s why we provide a rock-solid foundation for tomorrow’s businesses. We offer our turn-key, fully automated cloud solutions and are experts in areas such as security and privacy.

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