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Premium Cloud VPS starting from €1


The above prices are listed without VAT and are not to be combined with any other offer. The general terms and conditions apply on our Black Frideals. Our VPS is monthly terminable and with a 14 day money back guarantee. Discounts will expire in case of a resize within the discount period.

Black Frideals
for cloud compute

Celebrate Black Friday with Tilaa! Enjoy extreme discounts on all our premium Cloud Packages. Deploy, build, grow and scale your way, but with a special discount.
Get a Beginner Package for just €1, or go all-in with a Professional Package (up to 8,192 MB RAM) for only €6! 
Extra benefits of Tilaa Cloud Packages:
  • All data securely stored in Dutch data centers
  • 24/7 DDoS protection assured
  • Always 1 free snapshot included

The best deal for Black Friday

Tilaa makes cloud computing fair, logical and easy-to-use. We provide space for your brilliant ideas and with our advanced services and quality products, we empower your business every step of the way.

For only 2 weeks, you can get a discounted rate on our hyper-secure public cloud with maximum performance. Want to know more about our work and values? Check out our story.

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