Operating Systems for your VPS

Select your favorite operating system. VPS hosting from Tilaa supports all common operating systems. Would you like to start over or switch to a different operating system? No problem, you can do this with one click.

Choose between 32 or 64-bits editions. Full root or Administrator access is included by default, without any restrictions.

Control panels

Would you like to manage your Linux server from your browser? In that case a control panel can be a good solution. It enables full control of your Linux-VPS.

A control panel makes it possible to easily configure and manage aspects such as email accounts, databases, domain names and websites, even if you don't have in-depth knowledge of Linux. A control panel also enables you to offer your own hosting services.



DirectAdmin is one of the most frequently used control panels in the world.

DirectAdmin not only enables you to resell hosting services, it even makes this extremely easy for yourself.



cPanel is a user-friendly web hosting control panel.

The options offered by cPanel are more extensive than those provided by DirectAdmin. Thanks to the powerful API interface, the control panel can be fully integrated with your own website.


A software appliance is an out of the box VPS solution especially built for a specific application.

Tilaa supports the most frequently used open source appliances by Turnkey. Installation of the appliances is fully automated. You can start using your appliance within minutes.

Flexible VPS hosting

You can switch the software package for your VPS at any time. You can do this with one click from the Tilaa dashboard.

The capacity and the specifications of the server can be increased and decreased from the VPS dashboard as well.

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