In order to offer you the best quality possible we are continuously looking for ways to optimize our services. We have started Tilaa nine years ago, aiming for everybody to have the opportunity to order and implement an infrastructure quickly and without hassle. Based on this principle we have re-evaluated our services. Ease of use and applicability are key. Back to basics, but now with a new package of services. Be informed about the first developments through this newsletter!
Safe Managed Back-up the moment is now!

To make back-up less complex we have renewed our product. We have introduced a new pricing model, which could be very advantageous for you. The volume of back-up space you need is automatically linked to the volume of your VPS. In this way you will never run out of back-up space and you do not need to purchase additional space. You pay a standard amount so you are always in control of your expenses. Furthermore, you do not need to choose between off-site or on-site back-up. All back-ups will be stored off-site in another physical datacenter location from now on. We believe that in this way your data is best protected from datacenter calamities. You can easily order your back-up through your dashboard.

Ease of use Configurator upgrade

To make it even easier to adjust our services we have made some important changes to our configurator.  You no longer need to contact our support desk when you want to order Managed Back-up or High Available NFS Share. You can now easily adjust this through the configurator from your personal Tilaa dashboard. If you would like to read more about the changes we have made, you can click here.

New pfSense

From now on it is possible to install pfSense on your VPS. You can use pfSense for multiple applications such as a NAT firewall for your VPS servers or as a VPN gateway to safely access your internal network. You can install pfSense 2.3.3 from your dashboard. Check our blog for more information.

Please meet

Jasper Backer

As of the beginning of this year Jasper works for Tilaa as a technical support engineer. He is a support engineer through and through and especially enjoys the combination of customer contact with working in Linux environments. He knows the hosting market like his back pocket and loves to tackle technical challenges. Curious why he has chosen for Tilaa? Check here for his blog.

From HDD to SSD

We have already announced it in our last newsletter: You can now easily transfer from HDD to SSD. You can upgrade your HDD-server to SSD while maintaining your current IP-address, through your own dashboard. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please select here the servers you would like to migrate to SSD.

Direct Debit made easy

Would you like to pay using Direct Debit? Then we have good news. You can now issue a SEPA authorization without intervention from iDeal and SOFORT throughout Europe. Please read how to do this here.