In our regions the summer has started. We have already enjoyed the first warm days and we would like more of those! Not only more sun but also more ‘relaxation’. This is exactly what we would like to offer you. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing holiday or remain at work, we will make sure your infrastructure is available at all times. How we realize this is the topic for this newsletter.
API Automate VPS management

When you want to automate your VPS tasks you can simply use our API. For instance, when traffic to your VPS grows quickly you can use API to deploy a new server. Next to that you can start and stop servers, (re)install and make snapshots without any manual actions. Automation can also come in handy if you serve more customers as a reseller. The majority of functionalities of the dashboard are available in the API. For more information and the use of our API, you can check our API documentation here.

Support A look behind the scenes

At Tilaa we have automated our processes as much as possible, so you as our customer, can order and set up a VPS 24/7. To guarantee top quality, a team of engineers, system administrators and developers is working behind the scenes. Our support desk, consisting of experienced Support Engineers and SysAdmins, plays an important role in this chain. They are not only your main point of contact when you need assistance, they also look after the continuity and availability of our platform. Sven Appel, Support Desk Coordinator, will let you have a peek in his working day. Please read his blog here.

Mismatch The gap between theory and practice

The IT job market is overheated, we have noticed that ourselves as well. Besides that, only few studies actually link up with the hosting market, whereas the use of internet is always expanding. A bit crooked, really. That was also the opinion of the initiators of the ICT Cloud Academy, who will offer a study on bachelor level, where theory and practical experience are completely in line with each other. The students will go to college one day per week and the other working days they work for a cloud hosting company. We fully support this initiative! Read more in the blog by Dennis Krul.

Please meet

Israel Iglesias

As our development coordinator Israel is working together with the team to continuously optimize our platform. Half a year ago he chose for Tilaa because of Tilaa’s technology driven character. He can really let himself go on this topic! Israel is a big fan of music and especially the flamenco can charm his Spanish heart. He has been playing the guitar and the cajon for many years. If you would like to find out more about him, check out his blog.


We are expanding fast and therefore we have new job openings. Are you or do you know for example a (Junior) SysAdmin or Operations Engineer, who has knowledge of the hosting market? Sharing is appreciated. Check all our job postings here!

Managed Server Pack

Do you want us to look after your VPS? Then choose for our Managed Server Pack and we will ensure weekly updates of your basic software. You can simply select this feature in your server overview.