These are all our VPS features

VPS has many different functionalities. The VPS is immediately available, has a Big Disk and it is possible to take multiple snapshots. 

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A VPS with unlimited traffic

With reasonable daily network usage you can use our internet connections without any limitations. Each VPS is equipped with a 1Gbps network connection.

Our network has more than enough bandwidth to handle traffic for even the most demanding applications.

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Big Disk

The demand for vast storage is growing further and further every day. File sizes increase but online storage does not follow the same path. Current options are unmanageable and highly priced. With our Big Disk, we do not only provide you with a sustainable storage solution, we also offer it for an amazing price. Add the Big Disk to your Tilaa VPS in just a few clicks. All you have to do is select the disk space and storage type.

Tilaa offers you Big Disk in two types. You can choose between the SSD and HDD version. The HDD Big Disk is ideally suited for storing a great number of large files that you do not use constantly and that do not require a high throughput. For example, the HDD Big Disk is extremely suitable for large numbers of pictures and digital archives.

In addition to the ability to scale up enormously, the SSD Big Disk also has a faster throughput. Therefore the SSD version is more suitable for storing a large amount of frequently requested data or files that require high throughput rates, such as periodic backup and video archives.

Because of the scalability of Big Disk we offer you the space and possibility to let your projects evolve with you. The process of storing your data is as effortless as you have been used to. We use Ceph as a base for Big Disk. The data you store on your Big Disk is gathered and replicated multiple times on hardware that is separate from your VPS. That way, you can easily transfer your Big Disk between Virtual Private Servers.

Configure your VPS with Big Disk

Tilaa - VPS hosting - Big disk
Multiple European Datacenters - Tilaa

Multiple European datacenters

Our two datacenters have a TIER-3+ grade and are located in Amsterdam and Haarlem (in the Netherlands). They have been designed for maximum reliability by providing redundant cooling and dual power feeds to all our equipment. Early smoke detection and fire suppression systems ensure that incidents can be quickly detected and resolved.

Your VPS instantly available - Tilaa

Your VPS instantly available

After completion of your order you will have instant access to your VPS. In just a few minutes you're ready to go. Don't you have use for your server anymore? You can easily cancel it through the dashboard. Our services can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

24/7 SLA included - Tilaa

24/7 SLA included

Tilaa provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): We ensure continuous availability of the network and server hardware. You can reach our engineers 24 hours a day in case of infrastructure incidents.

Multiple snapshots

It is possible to make multiple snapshots of your VPS.

Restore a snapshot with just the press of a button or use it as the foundation for a new server (cloning). Each VPS includes one free of charge snapshot.

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Local storage - Tilaa

Local storage

Since we only work with local storage, Tilaa can provide you with the lowest disk latency and the best I/O performance. Setup an application cluster without a storage single point of failure, allowing you to achieve the highest availability. Our placement algorithm always ensures clustered servers are provisioned on different physical hosts.

Top class network - Tilaa

First class network

The Tilaa network (AS196752) is fully redundant and offers 99.99% uptime guarantee on the core network. Tilaa connects to multiple TIER-1 network providers and is connected to one of the world's largest internet exchanges (AMS-IX).

SDD / HDD choice - Tilaa

SSD / HDD choice

Choose the type of storage that best suits you. Maximum I/O performance based on Enterprise SSD or maximum capacity based on traditional hard drives. We're using hardware RAID-10 for the best balance between performance and redundancy.

Environment-friendly cloud hosting

VPS hosting from Tilaa helps you with achieving your CSR targets.

A VPS is more energy efficient than a dedicated server. Tilaa uses only CO2 neutral datacenters running on 100% renewable energy.

Our datacenters are ISO 14001 certified, which requires them to continuously innovate at the energy saving level. The achieved PUE ratio is currently below 1.2, the lowest available in the market today.

Tilaa - VPS hosting - cloud_co2
KVM virtualisation - Tilaa

KVM virtualisation

Tilaa is using KVM for virtualisation. A virtual server running on KVM can do everything a physical server can, with comparable performance and considerably improved flexibility.

Video display - Tilaa

Video display

Using the Tilaa dashboard you always have console access to your VPS, even if it is no longer possible to connect via SSH or Remote Desktop. You can use the video display with our rescue mode to resolve configuration problems.

Managed back-up - Tilaa

Managed Back-up

Tilaa can optionally make back-ups of your server 6 times per day. Aggregated daily, weekly backups and a monthly bakup will be kept off-site for one month. Our support team continuously monitors the status of your backups and ensures a quick restore when needed.

Virtual networks

Create one or more separate network environments for your VPS to separate your public and internal network traffic.

That way you keep control over which applications are in direct contact with the internet and which are only accessible internally.

Tilaa - VPS hosting -cloud_server
IPv4 / IPv6 address - Tilaa

IPv6 ready

Ready for the future. In addition to a fixed IPv4 address your VPS is also equipped with a fixed IPv6 address. You can assign additional IPv6 addresses free of charge and configure DNS settings using the Tilaa dashboard.

Managed server - Tilaa

Managed server

Outsource the daily management of your server to Tilaa by ordering a Managed Server Pack. We will update your software on a weekly basis. Additionally, you can consult us for up to 30 minutes per month for other system management tasks.

Quick support - Tilaa

Quick support

Our support team is ready to take your call or answer your e-mail from Monday to Friday between 9:00AM and 6:00PM (Europe/Amsterdam timezone). We guarantee response to your question by e-mail within one hour during opening hours.