We now support FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE!

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By popular demand we’ve implemented FreeBSD support! We offer both 32bits and 64bits images for FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE.

Some small caveats:

  • FreeBSD doesn’t have paravirtualized network and block drivers for KVM, which means FreeBSD has less than optimal performance. In practise it works quite well, but if high performance is a requirement for your application we currently recommend a Linux based OS.
  • There appears to be a regression in KVM with regard to ACPI events. For some reason the ACPI power button event is not received by the FreeBSD guest. This effectively means you can’t gracefully shutdown your FreeBSD VPS from our webapp. We expect this issue to be fixed soon-ish.
  • We can’t resize the FreeBSD UFS filesystem from the Linux host, nor does the FreeBSD growfs command support online resizing. This makes it difficult if not impossible to properly automate resizing of FreeBSD guests. If you want to upgrade your FreeBSD VPS later on, be aware that the filesystems will not be resized. (Our webapp will give a warning about this.) If you want to start using the extra assigned disk space, contact us and we’ll grow your filesystem manually.

That’s about it.. Have fun! :)

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