Towards virtual private networks!

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Ever since we started with Tilaa, each virtual machine has had a public and a private network interface by default. This was hard-coded in our infrastructure. As time went by, we realized there are limitations to this approach and that we had to manage network interfaces in a more flexible manner to allow for custom network configurations.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve removed the hard-coded limits and decoupled the network interfaces from the virtual machines. This code has been deployed to production last week. Most of these changes are not yet visible from an end-user perspective, but it was important groundwork to make some new interesting things possible:

  • The default public and private network interfaces as we provide them by default are now completely optional and can be removed (which can be useful in some specific use cases).
  • It’s now possible to add additional interfaces to a VM for one or more VLANs. This allows for network integration with private clouds and direct private links to remote offices, for example. This feature is only available to private cloud customers, because VLAN tags are scarce and are not always required.
  • And the most important bit: We’ve also implemented a virtual network feature. Effectively this provides the same level of security as a VLAN, but is implemented in a different way. In the near future all our customers will be able to build one or more virtual networks on our platform and connect VM’s to one or more of these virtual networks. Want to build a DMZ network protected by a centralized firewall gateway? You can! Want to build a seperate management network? You can! We are currently beta-testing and hope to be able to launch this feature soon (and it will be free)!

We are looking forward to launch these features. Keep an eye on this space for further announcements!

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