Tilaa supports Gentoo!

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Tilaa supports Gentoo!
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One of the requests from our last customer survey was support for Gentoo.

Creating Gentoo images has been on our todo list for a long time, but we kept postponing it since we knew we had to jump through some hoops to get it working.
Our image creation is a completely automated process, and uses a method like kickstart, or preseed, or Microsoft sysprep, combined with pxe. Gentoo has no such thing however.
A while ago an enthusiastic Gentoo user contacted Tilaa and offered us his help to sort this out.
Based on some examples from https://bitbucket.org/marduk/virtual-appliance/wiki/Home we quickly got this to work.
After a few weeks of testing and tuning we now have 64bit and 32bit images. They’re based on a 2.6.39 kernel with most of the necessary stuff built in, and all the unnecessary stuff left out. This makes booting them very fast. Since we have almost nothing installed by default, except for iptables, acpid, syslog-ng and cron, they also have a very low memory footprint.
We’d love for you to test them out, and please let us know any improvements we can make to

make them even better.
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