Tilaa is an AMS-IX member!

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We’re proud to announce that as of yesterday we are a member of the AMS-IX (AMSterdam Internet eXchange), the second largest internet exchange on the planet (measured by traffic)!

We have configured BGP sessions to the AMS-IX route servers, which provides about 50.000 IPv4 and 6.000 IPv6 routes to other AMS-IX members or about 15% of the global routing table. We will slowly add more peering sessions to other AMS-IX members over time.

What does this all mean? Basically it means that for a lot of routes there are less hops (routers) to pass. This in turn results in lower latency to the Tilaa network, which in turn results in faster loading webpages.

We also have increased redundancy and bandwidth to handle the traffic for our fast growing customer base and are less reliant on (relatively expensive) transit traffic.

If there are network engineers out there who want to peer with us on the AMS-IX, please contact us at noc@tilaa.net (especially if you’re working for a big Dutch or European ISP :)!

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