Significant price reduction!

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Significant price reduction!
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We are proud to announce that we’re introducing a significant price reduction for our virtual private servers, effective immediately! Our new pricing is available for both new and existing customers.

What changed?

Pricing for RAM memory and disk space have dropped significantly, sometimes up to 75%.

We’ve also added the possibility to modify CPU capacity in our VPS configurator, so our customers can choose the exact amount of CPU resources that they need.

To create more openness and transparency you will see the exact amount of CPU resources that has been reserved for your VPS. You can incrementally increase the amount of CPU resources when required. Our configurator displays how much CPU cores and the capacity on those cores that the VPS will get. We calculate and display the total amount of Ghz from that combination as well. For example, 4 CPU cores running at 2.4Ghz with a capacity limit of 80% will give you 4 x 2.4 x 0.8 = 7.68 Ghz of total CPU capacity.

We’ve also changed the way we handle network traffic. As of today all inbound network traffic will be completely free. We only keep a quota on outbound network traffic towards the internet. (Traffic between Tilaa VPS instances was already free and that will remain the case.)

Pricing for network traffic has significantly dropped as well. If you’re likely to exceed the included outbound network quota it’s now also possible to order extra network traffic upfront. Traffic that has been bought upfront is much cheaper than traffic over quota that has to be paid for afterwards.

How can existing customers activate new pricing?

The new pricing model is not applied by default, because the ratio between VPS components has slightly changed as well: Our new lower pricing includes less CPU resources and outbound data traffic by default. That way customers will get good value with our default pricing and can order extra CPU resources or traffic to get exactly the amount of resources they require, without paying for resources they don’t need.

In case you would like to have the new pricing, go to the Tilaa VPS dashboard, look for the block called ‘Server size’ and click the button 'Change’. The configurator will show the price difference between the current and the new selection. If you don’t make any modifications to the VPS and click 'Update settings’ in step 4 the new pricing will be activated immediately. It’s of course possible to make changes to the VPS components there as well if you wish.

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