Roles and permissions

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Roles and permissions
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Over the years we’ve had several requests from customers for a finer grained permission system. More specifically, customers wanted to be able to separate account privileges between technical and financial roles, so that an accountant wouldn’t receive swap notifications and a technical administrator wouldn’t receive invoices and payment confirmations, for example.

We’ve heard you! Today we’ve deployed our new permission framework, which allows for finer grained control on what each user account is allowed to do and which emails that user receives. All new and existing user accounts have ‘Administrator’ privileges by default.

At the moment we have the following roles and permissions defined:

Role Manage accounts Place orders Manage servers Payments Invoices Receives email
Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes All
Technical administrator No No Yes No No Tech related
Technical user No No Yes, except modifications No No Tech related
Financial admin No No No Yes Yes Finance related

Should a need arise for a new type of role it can be easily added, so if you have a specific requirement for a new type of role, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll consider implementing it!

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