Meet Esther Burns

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Meet Esther Burns
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In the more than two years that Esther has been with Tilaa, she has developed to more than just the Executive Assistant and she is one of the special and silent forces behind Tilaa. But who is Esther and what does she do on a daily basis? Read it in this blog. 

What does your day look like at Tilaa?

“My day at Tilaa starts with a nice cup of coffee before I start my tasks behind my desk. After starting up my computer I check the bank entries and incoming invoices. Having dealt with the financial matters I proceed with the HR part of my work, checking whether there are any amendments. Besides that I am also Gatekeeper for Tilaa and register sick leaves. My colleagues can come to me with any questions about the ins and outs of Tilaa, about their contract or to just have a nice chat.

In the meantime I need my third cup of coffee and I continue my tasks with checking on purchasing. Do we have everything in stock, do we need to order more parts for the servers, is there anything else we need.  We check this on a daily basis to ensure that our services and products are kept in full working order. If an an issue would come up, we always have ample spare parts to resolve the matter as soon as possible so our customers do not experience any inconvenience.

It is already time for lunch. Whilst setting the table I take a good look around the premises to see whether our offices are neat and tidy and whether the cleaning has been executed properly. After having eaten together with my colleagues I start working on the projects involved with our certifications for ISO/IEC 27001:2013, PCI DSS 3.2, ISO/IEC 9001:2015, NEN 7510:2011 and ISAE 3402 Type I. Every year we are awarded with new certifications, but this does not happen automatically. We continuously monitor whether our processes are still up to date and whether everything is still warranted in the right manner. For this, cases are made that are discussed during the audit.

Since the new privacy regulation has come into place in May of this year, I am also the Data Protection Officer. This means that I inform and advise Management on the General Data Protection Regulation and I ensure that the new regulations are adhered to within Tilaa. In between time I organize all administrative tasks like planning appointments, taking minutes of meetings, business correspondence and setting up office procedures and the implementation of it. Last but not least I organize gifts for birthdays of colleagues, team gatherings and drinks. Slowly but surely it is time to go home and it is time to finish my working day, I make a fast check that everything is in order and I am on my way.”  

Why have you started working for Tilaa?

“After I have lived in England for years, I have returned to the Netherlands and I lived and worked in various cities. Almost two years ago it was time for a new phase in my life and I moved to Woerden. A new job was part of this step. When I saw the opening of Executive Secretary with Tilaa, I was immediately enthusiastic. As you can read the position is versatile and diverse. No day is the same so working here is challenging and fun. The office is within cycling distance and the main language is English, so I can contribute to this standard. Tilaa has a small team and we often go out and do stuff together. This means the colleagues know each other well and we can always count on each other. The other day we had a nice BBQ together with a lot of laughter. All this means that every day I go to work with a lot of energy, fun and enthusiasm.“

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