Our highly available NFS storage is available!

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Our highly available NFS storage is available!
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We’re proud to announce that as of today we offer highly available NFS storage to all our customers on our Haarlem site!

Over the years customers have asked us on a regular basis what the best way is to share files between multiple VPS’s, which is often required for building a redundant platform. Well, we simply didn’t have an easy answer to that. There are several possible solutions, which all have their up- and downsides. You could, for example, use rsync to replicate content, but this is not a realtime process. You could set up a separate VPS with a NFS server, but it wouldn’t be redundant. You could setup something like glusterfs, which allows synchronous redundant replication, but it doesn’t perform very well (especially with lots of small writes). So basically each customer was confronted with a tradeoff: Consistency, performance, availability (pick two). With this service, making a tradeoff is no longer needed!

Our NFS cluster is built using a 4U disk enclosure (JBOD) connected to two servers. We use RAID-10 for maximum redundancy and performance. We have 300GB of SSD storage for a high performance read cache and use two mirrored extra high performance ZeusRAM SSD’s for the filesystem journal, which greatly reduces latency for synchronous writes and ensures no data is lost upon a power failure.

The cluster is connected with two 10Gigabit interfaces to a separate redundant storage network. The reason to put storage on a different physically separated network is to ensure low latency and high performance. All our virtualization servers are connected to this network as well. When you request NFS storage you’ll get an extra network interface in your VPS. We use Jumbo frames (MTU 9000) to reduce packet fragmentation and our testing shows we can completely max out the network interfaces of multiple VPS’s at the same time when writing to or reading from an NFS share.

Even if you don’t need to share data between multiple VPS’s this can be a great solution to improve overall I/O performance of your VPS!

Our pricing scheme is simple: € 0,65 per month per GB of NFS storage, excluding VAT where applicable. The minimum requested size is 10GB and we don’t charge any setup fees.

Please do note that we don’t make backups of your NFS data by default. Our recently announced backup service is compatible with our NFS service: We can backup your NFS share (out of band) on-site or off-site. We will then keep backups of your NFS storage on separate hardware.

This service is currently only available to VPS’s running on our Haarlem site. If you would like to use this service, but are currently hosted in one of our other sites we can discuss a migration of your servers to Haarlem. Please do note that your IP addresses will change if you do that.

Windows VPS’s should also be able to use this service by installing the “Subsystem for UNIX-based applications”, but we currently haven’t tested this. If you’d like to help us test, let us know.

If you’re interested in this service, please contact our support team and provide the following information:

  • How much NFS capacity do you need
  • Which VPS’s should be able to access this storage
  • Do you want backups of your NFS share
  • And if so: Do you want them on- or offsite and how much backup capacity do you require

Many thanks to our early testers for the valuable feedback. We hope you enjoy yet another often requested feature!

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