New feature: html5 based video display

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We spent a bit of time lately on freshening up our website and Dashboard. Those of you who use a laptop with a Retina display will notice that it looks a bit, well, sharper. Next on our list of improvements was the replacement of the Video Display feature, which was based on Java. To be more specific, it was a heavily patched version of the TigerVNC viewer. You needed to have a Java JRE installed and browser plugin installed, and it had all kinds of other issues.

Well, not anymore, because today we replaced it with a much more modern version, which uses your browsers Websocket and Canvas support to render a VNC display. It’s based on the excellent NoVNC. One major advantage is that it works over an encrypted connection on port 443, which most firewalls allow. Another one is that you don’t need to install any plugins. It works in all reasonably modern browsers, and on mobile devices too. If you’re still using IE9, it has a Flash fallback, so make sure you have Flash 10 installed.

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