New feature: Graphic consoles!

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New feature: Graphic consoles!
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Ever since we started with Tilaa we’ve offered our customers a web-based serial console, which allows customers to fix problems when their VPS doesn’t boot or is unreachable over the network.

The only downside of a serial console is that it’s text-only. So, say that we wanted to offer other operating systems that cannot be operated over a serial console we’d have to leave some of our customers out in the cold.

So, as of today all VPS’s can also be accessed through a web-based graphical console! It’s a Java applet, so you need to have a JVM installed to be able to use it.

The smart reader will notice that we probably use VNC and that VNC is not a secure protocol. Well, that’s correct, but don’t be alarmed: We hacked the TigerVNC Java applet to make a VNC connection through a SSH tunnel. (So for this to work, you need to be able to connect to port 22.)

In the future we’d like to use the SPICE protocol or VNC with TLS and SASL authentication, but both are quite new features and client support is a bit lacking.

There might still be some minor issues with the applet. As usual, we appreciate all feedback!

p.s: The web-based serial console will of course remain available. This is just another way to reach your VPS.

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