New and improved Managed Back-up

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New and improved Managed Back-up
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We are always looking to further improve our products, in
order to offer you the best quality possible! Therefore, we released an update
of our Managed Back-up product, with some new hot features that will make it
more affordable to choose for the safety of Managed Back-up.  

One of the major changes is that we now offer off-site
back-up only, as we believe off-site storage of back-ups is the best way to protect
your data from any datacenter calamities. You do not need to choose between
on-site or off-site anymore. You get the best there is.

In order to simplify our back-up product even more, we have changed
our pricing scheme. We have coupled the amount of required back-up space
directly to the size of your VPS. In this way you will never grow out of
back-up space unexpectedly and there is no need to pay for additional space. You
are being charged a fixed amount, derived from the size of your VPS.

We have also adapted the back-up scheme to accommodate your needs
better. This means that we will back-up the data every 4 hours with a back-up
retention of 1 month. We will ensure fast restore of files if needed, so you will
be fully operational quickly.

You can easily order Managed Back-up via your dashboard. So start backing-up

This service
is currently not available for Windows servers.

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