Metadata service is live

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Metadata service is live
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We have just officially launched our (EC2 compatible) metadata service.

The service supports user-data profiles, which can be used by a tool like cloud-init or cloud-config to bootstrap a server during first boot to, for example, create user accounts, provision public SSH keys, deploy applications, configuration management agents or run custom scripts and commands. Simply create one or more metadata profiles and assign them to one or more servers to automate their initial setup. 

The metadata service also supports management of public SSH keys. For this we’ve created a convenient web interface where SSH keys can be managed from. Finally there is no more need to copy/paste the root password from the Tilaa dashboard when setting up a new server! Please note that we disable root password authentication if one or more public SSH keys are present for improved security.

We have also extended our API to provide endpoints for the management of metadata profiles and SSH public keys. 

The metadata service is currently supported by CoreOS, CentOS 7, Fedora 22 and up, Ubuntu Trusty and up and Debian Jessie and up. Once more platforms support cloud-init we will of course add support for those as well.

For more information about this service continue reading our knowledge base articles.

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