Looking back on 2018

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Looking back on 2018
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The new year has officially started. You’ve turned off your first alarm this year, made a fresh cup of coffee and switched on your computer. New Year’s wishes have been exchanged with your coworkers and it is time to get to work.

But before diving into 2019, we would like to take a brief look at 2018.
The year in which our newest product Big Disk went live. It’s the add-on for a VPS to create extra online storage. Big Disk comes in an SSD and HDD storage type. Because of the scalability of Big Disk, it offers you the space and option to let your projects evolve with you. Add Big Disk to your Tilaa VPS with just a few clicks. All you have to do is select the disk space and storage type. It couldn’t have been easier.

Besides our new product, 2018 was an eventful year in which we have focused on security. 2018 began with two major vulnerabilities at Intel; Meltdown and Spectre. Everyone had to install new updates, which caused some inconvenient downtime. The urgency of redundancy and information security were once again highlighted.

A few months later, we had our focus on a completely different type of security measurements: Personal data protection. As of 25th of May, the Personal Data Protection Act has changed to the General Personal Data Regulation (GDPR). The new European privacy regulation. Did we meet the new standards? Did we need to make changes and were our processes still in order? Those questions had to be answered first. A great moment for us to dive deeper into these regulations.

But as it turns out, our processes and our services fully comply with the new European legislation. Just the privacy statement needed a technical language touch up and the processor agreement had to be replaced.

Both data and personal security are of paramount importance to us. Because of this, we achieve certification for PCI DSS and ISO every year. In October we successfully passed the audit for PCI, the label for credit card payments.

As you can see, we’ve worked really hard in the past year. But now it’s time to look ahead and see what 2019 will offer. Curious about our plans? Then read our blog next week!

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