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In an earlier blog ( my colleague Dennis wrote that there was an issue with shutting down your FreeBSD VPS.

This turned out to be a regression in the ACPI implementation in SeaBIOS, the bios used by KVM, and after a few hours working with ‘git bisect’ I’d found the culprit.

Thanks to the friendly folks on the qemu-kvm mailing list and the maintainer of SeaBIOS we now have a working patch, and you’ll be able to shutdown your FreeBSD vm from our webapp.

This is commit 50ecfa88d6a27abb873174903c9e09f989f46f1a in the SeaBIOS git repository, and tagged as SeaBIOS

It’s not a major change, and I didn’t even wrote the patch, but it still feels nice to contribute something back to open source.

And besides, I’ve learned a lot in the process. One of the major lessons was that if you have trouble sleeping, you should read the ACPI specifications ;-)

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